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Report Smart China Expo, Chongqing

By invitation of DAO Pureland, OSF attended the Smart China Expo in Chongqing from the 23th of August until the 25th of August, together with our partner DAO Pureland. Chongqing wants to position itself more and more as a ‘High Tech-city’, as part of their ambitions to stimulate and modernise their economy. Therefore, the first edition of the Smart China Expo took place in Chongqing. With 436 exhibitors and around 700.000 visitors from across the world. The Expo was held under the theme of “Smart Technology: Empowering Economy, Enriching Life”.

As part of the PIB (Partners for International Business) program, OSF was invited to attend the Smart China Expo, where OSF represented the Dutch companies at a large ‘Sino-Dutch Sports Innovation Pavilion’, together with our partner DAO Pureland. OSF and DAO Pureland also signed an MOU for the development of ‘WeParks’ in China and to strengthen our relationship. The WeParks where introduced and presented at the Smart China Expo and it’s a result of the PIB program. The PIB program is a cooperation between 15 Dutch sports related companies and the Dutch government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chongqing). A WePark is a public sports area with several Dutch innovative products and services. We expect to open the first WePark in 2019, together with DAO Pureland. The concept perfectly matches the Chinese ambitions for a healthy lifestyle in China.

The Smart China Expo was a professional event with the highest national standards and international audience, featuring various events such as conferences, exhibitions and contests. It was the perfect platform to present cutting-edge technologies, smart life experience, roadshows and contests as well as interactions and discussions in smart industries. OSF and DAO Pureland attracted many visitors with their showcases regarding sports. The presence of several officials from the sport, governments and companies, like the Dutch Consul-General in Chongqing, Mr. Koen Sizoo, confirmed that the Sino-Dutch Sports Innovation Pavilion perfectly suits the Smart China Expo and that it matches the Chinese ambitions for a healthy China.