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Who are we?

Your Connection to the Dutch Sports Industry.

The Netherlands has produced many sporting successes, and is considered a leading sports nation. Thanks to their bright orange strips, the nations teams and athletes are instantly recognisable. It’s a country with a lot to offer in both elite-level sport and recreational sport.

Holland Sports & Industry is a platform for the promotion of companies, organisations and institutions involved in Dutch sports. It encompasses ʻhardware’ (infrastructure, accommodation, goods, etc.), but also ʻsoftware’ (training, coaching, education, marketing, etc.). One of the most important roles is to map opportunities and create a platform on which Dutch companies and institutions can engage with potential clients and new markets.

Holland Sports & Industry is the natural partner for foreign organisations looking to access Dutch sports expertise or products. Holland Sports & Industry can get enquirers in touch with the best companies, sports associations and knowledge partners in the Netherlands.

Holland Sports & Industry is an initiative of the Orange Sports Forum foundation.

Our three main focus areas:

To support, represent and advise sports organisations regarding international business.

Holland Sports & Industry aims to achieve this through the development of a knowledge based system, where information about the foreign sports market is gathered and shared. Furthermore we initiate and organize sports related trade missions and we can initiate economic diplomacy. Holland Sports & Industry can also provide custom-made consultancy for companies regarding international (sports) business.

To create and maintain a national and international sports network.

Cooperation is key to stimulate Dutch export. Therefore a strong national and international network is key. In order to make this feasible we organize network- and information conferences for companies, organizations and institutions. Naturally Holland Sports & Industry works closely together with the Dutch government (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Sport) and the Dutch embassies and consulates worldwide.

To promote and represent Dutch sport and Dutch sports organisations abroad.

Holland Sports & Industry aims to showcase the knowledge and expertise in the field of sports and innovation of the Netherlands, rather than the sporting achievements. It therefore wishes to promote the Dutch sports organisations worldwide.
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We would like to introduce ourselves!

John van de Laar
John van de Laar
Co-founder & Board Member

John van de Laar, co-founder and board member of the Orange Sports Forum Foundation. John is director-owner of the international sports marketing bureau SportBizz.

Camil Smeulders
Camil Smeulders

Camil Smeulders, co-founder of the Orange Sports Forum Foundation. Camil is director-owner of the international sports marketing bureau SportBizz and Honorary Consul of Austria in the Netherlands.

Nico Delleman
Nico Delleman
Board Member

Nico Delleman, board member of the Orange Sports Forum Foundation and owner of Delta Sports Innovation. Before that he worked at TNO and InnoSportNL for several years.

Rick Sleegers
Rick Sleegers
Project Manager

Rick Sleegers, project manager of the Orange Sports Forum Foundation.