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OSF participant featured: Slangen + Koenis Architects

In order to highlight OSF participants even more, OSF highlights an OSF participant twice a month through its online channels. This time it is Slangen + Koenis Architects,
a company that keeps busy with designing swim and sport accommodations. We talked to Ninja Freeling-Walraven.

Brief introduction about yourself and Slangen + Koenis Architects?

My name is Ninja Freeling-Walraven and I’m a Business Developer at Slangen + Koenis (S+K) since February 2017.

Slangen + Koenis is an architectural firm that has been active in the Netherlands and abroad for more than 30 years. With a team of 25 architects, engineers, project managers and sustainability specialists we work on designing swimming pools and sports accommodations. Sports is our specialism and in each project we use our knowledge and experience to design state of the art accommodations. This is our daily business: design, organise, connect and most of all help people to start exercising.

As a specialist in sports we have experience in projects off differing programs, configurations and scales. Swimming and sports accommodations ask for an integral approach. Because of our knowledge of architecture, constructions, installations, building physics and acoustics, we can guarantee a high-quality process and result. This also allows us to keep innovating and always design the most sustainable accommodations.

What is the purpose of Slangen + Koenis Architects abroad?

In the last few years our specialised knowledge has become a valuable asset in expanding our business abroad. S + K is now active for clients in Germany, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. And in the following years our goal is to expand our network in these regions.

Can you give some concrete examples of successful projects in the Netherlands or abroad?

In the end of June our first Olympic 50 meter pool was completed in Lithuania. The swim centre was built in the historic city Klaipeda. Beside the 50 meter pool the program includes  a wellness centre, fitness centre, commercial rooms and a 9 meter deep diving tank. In the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, the construction of the national swim stadium we designed is progression in a rapid pace. The project includes an Olympic 50 meter pool, a 25 meter high diving basin with 10 meter high diving tower. This fall the ‘VITA Scheldebad’ in Temse will open their doors, becoming our first swimming pool in Belgium.

In the past months a number of project in the Netherlands, were completed. Sports complex ‘Den Butter’ in Gilze en Rijen, A newly build 50 meter pool as part of the ‘Twentebad’ in Hengelo, Sport centre ‘Nieuw Tijenraan’ in Raalte and swimming pool ‘De Crommenije’ in Zaanstad.

Why did you become a member of OSF?

Our firm want to continue to innovate especially in the field of quality and sustainability of swim and sport accommodations. We also want to continue to improve the accessibility and attractiveness of sport accommodations for as many people possible. OSF carry out the quality of the Dutch sport industry and offers the opportunity to participate in new chances internationally.

What can you do for other OSF members and what can OSF members do for you?

When we do projects abroad we always take Dutch partners with us. Dutch products and knowledge are innovative and high end. With the right use of both knowledge and products we can distinguish our brand. It would be great if more Dutch companies find us for collaborations abroad.