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OSF is joining forces within the sports landscape

To create a clear sports landscape and to increase the impact of Dutch (sports related) cluster organisations, OSF signed a partnership with two other sport related cluster organisations, namely Sports & Technology and FGHS, as well as NLinBusiness, a platform for (inter)national business.

OSF, Sports & Technology and FGHS (sports association for sport suppliers, like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc.) have recently decided to start working together more intensively. To join forces and connecting our networks will result in a more accessible sports landscape for sport organisations. All the companies participate in a stronger sports industry both national as international.

Connecting networks

When we combine the networks of OSF, Sports & Technology and FGHS we have a network of more than 500 sports related companies and organisations. These companies and organisations can combine their strengths by exchanging experiences, leads and knowledge, that will result in a more efficient and a more powerful approach.

Structured sports landscape

The representing clusters working together, provides a positive effect on incoming and outgoing trademissions, becuase it ensures a more powerful interlocutor and it gives a clear overview of the Dutch sports landscape. The cluster organisations use their own expertise in this cooperation:

  • International business support (OSF)
  • Innovation (Sports & Technology)
  • Representing the interests of the sports industry (FGHS)

This cooperation and roll distribution makes it easier for national and international stakeholders to find the right partners in the Dutch sports landscape, since it has one point of contact.

The origin of this cooperation

Recently OSF, Sports & technology and FGHS started to combine activities like incoming missions from ASTN (Australian Sport Tech Network) to the Netherlands with a visit to Sports & Technology. During this visit the three organisations combined their expertise, and this resulted in a strong synergy and made the visit extra valuable for the Australian delegation. The same successful approach was used for the visit of the Chinees delegation on OSF’s initiative.


Cooperation OSF & NLinBusiness

Also NLinBusiness and OSF signed a cooperation to join forces and start working together more intensively. Because of this partnership it’s possible for OSF members to access the network of NLinBusiness and use their expertise and open platform.

The platform of NLinBusiness offers a broad (inter) national network and helps to identify opportunities abroad. Together, both organisations have a strong international network and platform to help Dutch sport related companies achieve both national and international successes.

NLinBusiness and OSF will also work together on big trading missions around international (sport) events, such as World Cups, the World Exhibition in Dubai and the Olympic Games. Doing this together means an efficient and more refined team effort towards the Dutch companies, ministries and other stakeholders.


About FGHS

FGHS is the Dutch industry association for manufacturers, importers and wholesalers of sportswear and equipment in the broadest sense and their agents (f.e. companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc.). FGHS currently has more than 140 members, who together represent 80% of the annual value of the industry.

FGHS serves the interests of their members by representing them in negotiations with representatives of the Dutch government, sports retail trade, sports federations, various buyer groups, NOC*NSF (the umbrella organisation of organised sports in the Netherlands) and other national and international organisations with an interest in sport and sport products.

For more information: https://fghs.nl/en/

About Sports & Technology

The cluster Sport & Technology is an open network of companies, knowledge institutions, SportFieldLabs and governments. They work together to build a vital sporting society and generate an economic and social impact. Their focus is to create a successful ecosystem for sports and innovations in the Netherlands and abroad.

For more information: https://sportsandtechnology.com/

About NLinBusiness

NLinBusiness bundles all available platforms and contacts on one well-organized platform. These contacts and opportunities come from all kind of business communities, interest groups and governments. NLinBusiness was founded in 2017 at the initiative of ‘MKB-Nederland’ and VNO-NCW and is based in The Hague.

For more information see: https://nlinbusiness.com/