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OSF participant Featured: Ice-World International

In order to highlight OSF participants even more, OSF highlights an OSF participant once a month through its online channels. This time it is Ice-World International, an organization that specializes in the facilitation of ice skating rinks. We spoke with Roelant Groen.

Brief introduction about yourself and Ice-World?

I am working as an international sales and marketing director at Ice-World Since 2016. It’s an inspiring company with a Dutch character, product and proposition. Ice-World has the knowledge to make the whole world familiar with ice skating.

The tracks we build are being used for sports and as amusement. Around the world ice skating is a unique experience.

Since 1992 Ice-World advised thousands of clients regarding the organisation and implementation of mobile ice rinks. With the main focus on creativity, craftmanship and our customers needs, Ice-World stands for pleasure on real ice. From recreational events to fun parks and sports arenas.

What is the purpose of Ice-World abroad?

Ice-World is worldwide market leader and leading in making mobile ice rinks. Every year millions of people enjoy ice skating on one of our 600 temporarily or permanent installed ice floors. Because of our patented ice making and renewed ice concept, Ice-world offers the ultimate ice experience. Both in quality and cost efficiency.

Our headquarters, storage and production facilities are located in Soest (the Netherlands) and we have sales offices in The Netherlands, Germany and China. With our international network of suppliers and partners we can make mobile ice rinks in every shape and size on nearly every place in the world.

The goal of Ice-World is to let the ice skating experience be accessible for everyone in the world. We stand for quality, excellent service, innovation and creativity.

Can you give some specific examples of successful projects in the Netherlands or abroad?

This year was the second time we made the ice for the World championship all-round which was held at the Olympic stadium in the Netherlands. There were more than 120.000 ice-skating visitors in the weeks before the championship and there were more than 50.000 spectators during the championship.

Furthermore, our partner Ice-America made a very nice ice rink with a big fountain in the middle surrounded by 5 million lights. Kings Island is a theme park in Ohio with more than 100 rollercoasters and lots of shows. During the winter festival the ice rink was the main attraction.

In Gouda (the Netherlands) we made an ice rink around the city hall. Where everybody (young and old) could enjoy a 183 meters long ice rink. The fun on the 800 square meter ice rink lasted for nearly a month.

Why did you become a member of OSF?

We operate in a niche market. That’s why it’s important to constantly maintain and expand our network. At OSF we get the opportunity to meet people that are in the same market. OSF provides a platform where we can learn from others and talk about possible opportunity’s.

What can you do for other OSF members and what can OSF members do for you?

Ice-World has built a worldwide network in sport-, events and recreation industry. We want to help others with our connections. And we are always looking for possible ways to work together.