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Successful Trade Mission Chongqing & Xi’an, China

From the 23th and 28th of October, OSF organised a factfinding mission to Chongqing and Xi’an, China. The delegation was formed by twelve Dutch (sports related) companies and was organised in preparation for the PIB program about football development in China. This trade mission was very successful and brought many powerful connections and introductions, which will be followed up the next three years through the PIB program. 

During this trade mission, there were two centralised themes: ‘Youth Academy & Talent Development’ and ‘Sports Facilities’. For example, a meeting with the Dangdai Lifan Football Club Chongqing was arranged. This football club is playing in the highest division of the Chinese football competition and during this meeting the investor, Dangdai, was also present. Dangdai is owner of the football club since 2017 and invests in, among others, properties and real estate. This meeting was very interesting for all participants, because both themes were addressed. Dangdai Lifan Football Club presented their plans for the upcoming years and explained their philosophy. The Dutch delegation got the opportunity to introduce themselves and point out the possibilities for a partnership. Last but not least, former Feyenoord players Mike Obiku and Peter Barendse gave a clinic to the highest youth team of the Dangdai Lifan Football club in name of Feyenoord.

During the next meeting with the Chongqing Olympic Center, the Dutch delegation paid a visit to the stadium of the Dangdai Lifan Football Club. The meeting with the stakeholders of the Chongqing Olympic Center, as well as some representatives of sports facilities in the nearby area, took place at the stadium. This meeting appeared to be very constructive for several Dutch companies to built and strengthen the relationship. For instance, serious plans for new sports fields and facilities were discussed. Besides that, Chongqing Olympic Center was very interested in the way Dutch sports facilities are managed, exploited and proved to be profitable. These are excellent opportunities to follow up during the PIB program.

On the same day, the Sino-Dutch Sports Seminar was organised. During this seminar, 100 Chinese guests attended and listened to presentations of the Dutch delegation. Also several Chinese companies presented their businesses and offered interesting insights about the Chinese sports market, the Chinese ambitions and the possibilities for partnerships. Orange Sports Forum closed two MOU’s during this seminar with the Dangdai Lifan Football Club and Chongqing Yuyue Sports. Also the Knowledge Centre of Sports Netherlands closed an MOU with Chongqing Yuyue Sports to increase the arisen relationships.

A meeting with Bloomage International Investment sealed the trade mission to Chongqing. Bloomage is the biggest investor in sports facilities in China and they have build several stadiums and accommodations in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Currently, they are building a big sports centre in Chongqing, with, among others, a NBA stadium (capacity of 16,000 spectators), a football stadium (capacity of 30,000 spectators) and a big sports hall for badminton and table tennis (capacity of 5,000 spectators). The presentations of those plans were followed with sincere interest; particularly the future projects were very popular, as well as the opportunity to built a partnership to manage and exploit the accommodations.

In Xi’an, the delegation was also provided with an outstanding program. The delegation split up, because consul-general Koen Sizoo, Orange Sports Forum and Philips Lighting had a meeting with the Deputy Secretary General of Xi’an. They returned with the rest of the delegation during a meeting with the Chinese Resources Group. The Chinese Resources Group is one of the biggest investment companies in sports in China. They are developing and managing, all sports facilities for the Chinese National Games in Xi’an (2021). In the upcoming years they will build a stadium (capacity of 60,000), a gym (capacity of 10,000), a tennis centre (capacity of 6,000) and a swim stadium (capacity of 10,000). In total, the Chinese National Games will use 64 sports facilities, 12 of which will be completely new and 24 will be renovated. The plans were very impressive and offered a lot of perspectives for the delegation. A Sino-Dutch Sports Forum with 80 guests was the final event of the trade mission to Xi’an. At this event, Dutch and Chinese companies presented their businesses and the Sports Forum gave a lot of opportunities to network and connect with Chinese counterparts. Simultaneously, Feyenoord gave a clinic for 80 coaches of the Shanxi Wave Football Club in Xi’an.

The delegation and the Chinese parties were very positive. Furthermore the Dutch consulate-general provided some impressive work to organise such a program and this mission. The results and findings of this trade mission will be processed and brought back onto the PIB program, which will start the 4th of December.

Click here for the trade mission booklet.