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2018: IPC-project SportsConnected2Society

IPC-project SportsConnected2Society

With the IPC-project SportsConnected2Society, sports innovations will be developed to make people connected by sensor systems and platforms during exercise, with the aim to make the best monitoring system and conditions for playing sports and exercise in the broadest sense of the word. Those innovations arise due to close partnerships between companies. For example, custom visual analysis for sports practises, digital mental tests and training, sensors for horses, a sports dashboard for governments, a platform for non-aligned athletes and the latest timing- and scoring systems.

The participants of the IPC-project were divided in three clusters: ‘Athletes’, ‘Equestrain’ an ‘Government’:

  • Cluster ‘Athletes’: Sporteronline, DVC Machine Vision and Prestum.nl
  • Cluster: ‘Equestrian’: Equilog, Rosmark & Pam, Freesense Solutions and SportSquare
  • Cluster ‘Government’: Noldus, Sportunity, Flexbord, Sweep6 and Sersol

Those clusters presented the following results:

  1. Cluster ‘Athletes’: a monitoring system for athletes, which, among others, consists of video analysis, nutrition- and mental tests. The data is easily accessible in an app or online in a secured location.
  2. Cluster ‘Equestrian’: a monitoring system for horses, with heart beat sensors and rein pressure, the shape and health of the horse can be monitored. The data is visual in real time in an app or online.
  3. Cluster ‘Government’: a sports dashboard for clubs and governments, where live results, news items and sportactivities like tennis, ice skating and rowing are projected. In the future this will be expanded to other sports.


7th of September, 2017


Events, Meetings, Matchmaking


Innovation, sports, sensor systems, platforms