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Program EHL Barcelona, October 3rd-6th 2019

HSI has bounded itself and a diversity of its members as International Innovation Partner of the EHL. Therefore, HSI is organizing a business event during the EHL (October 3rd – October 6th) in Barcelona. During this tournament, the EHL men’s KO16 will take place, in which famous Dutch clubs like SV Kampong and HGC will compete. This event is the ultimate opportunity to expand your market in Barcelona and to broaden your network.

HSI offers a special business program in Barcelona in which you can expand and contain your business contacts in Barcelona. The program consists of meetings with Dutch companies, an innovation-meeting with FC Barcelona and visiting the EHL games. The EHL is one of the most innovative sport events for years and functions as a famous platform to test and present new sport innovations. This means that this event is a big opportunity for (innovative) sport companies! HSI is bounded to this event as an innovation partner, in case you are interested in being an innovative sports partner to, you can find more information here. Innovative partners of the EHL can also participate in the program.

In the following table you can find the program (subject to change):

If you are interested and looking for more information, feel free to contact us through our contact page.