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OSF participant Featured: SuperSub SportBases


In order to highlight OSF participants even more, OSF highlights an OSF participant once a month through its online channels. This time it is SuperSub SportBases, a company that is engaged with the construction of innovative foundation systems for outdoor sports facilities.
We talked to Eric Sarelse.

Brief introduction about yourself and SuperSub SportBases?

SSSB is a company that is engaged with the construction of innovative foundation systems for outdoor sports facilities.
We do this by applying cellular concrete. The advantages of cellular concrete are enormous.
It provides a reduction of 50% in construction time and 90% on emissions during construction. The material is produced at the site so that there is much less inconvenience for the environment. Outside the water-permeable material, we now also develop systems where we use impervious cellular concrete. This yields numerous innovative sports constructions such as PushSub, where no sprinkling is required. We can also use the fields as a solar collector.

What is the purpose of SuperSub SportBases abroad?

Selling innovative sports constructions, for example due to the insulating effect of cellular concrete, the field heating is much more efficient and better. The sustainability aspects certainly also apply to countries other than the Netherlands.

Can you give some concrete examples of successful projects in the Netherlands or abroad?

The water-permeable material can be found at about 250 locations, the new concept is still being developed. The Atletiekunie (athletics) and the KNVB (football) have approved the fields of SuperSub SportBases, and the fields also meet the requirements of the KNHB (field hockey). Many athletic tracks, football fields and hockey fields have been laid down with a SuperSub SportBases underground.

Why did you become a member of OSF?

On recommendation of NOC*NSF (Dutch sport committee) and to establish contacts that can help our company.

What can you do for other OSF members and what can OSF members do for you?

To learn from each other; back and forth. It would be nice to get acquainted with OSF members and join forces. However, we are fully engaged in product development and therefore have less attention for marketing, which is a difficult issue.