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Strategic approach for Dutch companies towards the US sports market!

In February 2020, OSF organised a meeting at the US Embassy in the Netherlands about doing sports business in the USA. OSF received a lot of interest and enthusiasm from Dutch companies for a joint approach towards the USA in the upcoming years.

The United States is a great sports nation and therefore sport is a serious and professional business. This offers a lot of opportunities for Dutch companies to cooperate with US companies, so both parties can profit from their knowledge, innovations and skills in this field. The USA will host the FIFA World Cup in 2026 (together with Mexico and Canada) and the Olympics of LA2028. Besides these enormous milestones, sport is always in development. For example, the MLS (Major League Soccer) is a fast-growing league with huge investments and potential for companies and organisations from both sides.

To capitalize on these opportunities, OSF created a consortium of 17 Dutch sports related companies, together with the Dutch government (Ministries, the Dutch Embassy in Washington and the Dutch Consulate General in Miami). The consortium, including their strategic approach is approved by all involved organisations for at least the next three year, starting in July 2020. For an overview of the participating companies, please see the following list:

  1. com: www.cm.com
  2. Content Stadium: contentstadium.com
  3. Johan Cruyff Foundation: cruyff-foundation.org
  4. Feyenoord Rotterdam: feyenoord.nl
  5. Fontys Hogescholen: fontys.nl
  6. FootballEquals: footballequals.com
  7. HEG Consult: hegconsult.com
  8. Kicks n Sticks: kicksnsticks.eu
  9. Metrica Sports: metrica-sports.com
  10. Orange Sports Forum: orangesportsforum.com
  11. ProSoccerData: prosoccerdata.com
  12. PWXR / Active Esports Arenas: pillowswillow.com
  13. RAI Amsterdam: rai.nl
  14. Recreational Systems International: recreationalsystemsint.com
  15. Sportinnovator: sportinnovator.nl
  16. VDL Groep: vdlgroep.com
  17. Vekoma Rides Manufacturing: vekoma.com

If you want to learn more about this strategic partnership and the opportunities it can offer you, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page on this website.