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Recap OSF-meeting ”Made in NL” at VDL Groep

Last week, OSF organized a dynamic business event in collaboration with VDL Groep, centered around the theme “Made in NL” and hosted at the impressive VDL Groep headquarters in Eindhoven.

The event started with a warm welcome from Pieter van der Leegte (Board of Directors VDL Groep). With over 15,000 employees and 110 business units, VDL Groep stands as one of the Netherlands’ premier family-owned enterprises, distinguished for its size and innovation. Van der Leegte provided insights into the vast scope of VDL Groep’s operations, highlighting its significant contributions not only in business but also in sports, including impactful social sponsorships. Pieter Claassen (VDL Seatings Systems) and Bart Roefs (VDL Mast Solutions) explained more about the diverse sports-related projects such as stadium projects and sport events.

Bram Jacobs (VDL Sports) then outlined the company’s focus on sports and the creation of a one-stop shop function within the VDL Groep. This initiative aims to streamline the coordination of sports-related projects and opportunities across the 110 business units.

The program continued with Edgar van Perlo presenting updates regarding the construction progress of SC Cambuur’s new stadium, a project in which numerous OSF members, including VDL Groep, are actively involved.

Finally, Arun Swami Persaud shared insights into SportUp.nl, a pre-accelerator program designed for early-stage startups in sports. This initiative underscores the commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, ensuring the enduring legacy of “Made in NL” for generations to come.