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Presentation Yearbook Holland Sports and Industry 2018/2019

The presentation of the latest yearbook Holland Sports & Industry took place on Monday 10 December at Kenniscentrum Sport (Knowledge Center for Sports in the Netherlands). With a large number guests and promising speakers, it was a very successful afternoon. Please see the online edition of the yearbook below.

The afternoon started with a welcome speech from Mr. John van de Laar (board member OSF), who welcomed the attendees on behalf of OSF. John van de Laar also looked back at the highlights of OSF in 2018, like the current developments in the sports sector and named a number of promising projects, such as the close cooperation between several sports clusters (OSF, FGHS and S&T), the increasing demand for sports business organizations, the multi-year projects for China and Qatar, the export coaching projects from OSF and the organization of major international sporting events. The Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary of St. Martin was also present to talk about the value of sports during the reconstruction of the island.

Then, Mr. Peter Bootsma, attaché for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports at the Dutch Embassy in Beijing, presented about China. He told enthusiastic about the multi-year PIB program (Partners International Business) initiated by OSF, which started last year in China and already resulted in several successes. Then the opportunities for the next two years were also appointed. He did this by sharing impressive numbers, facts and ambitions related to China, like the increasing number of prosperity diseases and how China wants to deal with this, the economic growth of the middle class and the role of sports and naturally the Olympic Winter Games of 2022 in Beijing.

Thereafter, Mr. Peter Barendse of Knowledge Center for Sports welcomed everyone. Peter Barendse emphasized the importance of collaborations between knowledge institutions, companies and governments and of course the opportunities this offers in the international field. Peter Barendse took along the attendees into the new “Sports Agreement”, which is recently signed by several sports stakeholders and the dutch Ministry of Sports. This “Sports Agreement” includes themes like ‘inclusive sports and exercise’ and ‘sustainable sports infrastructure’. In addition they have developed a ” Guide to Sports and Physical Activity in the Netherlands’ to provide insights into recreational sport in the Netherlands. The report will soon be available online.

From ZonMw and Sportinnovator, Ms. Mijke Sluis told her vision about the increasing demand and added value of innovations in sport. From the Sports Agreement she referred to the major role that the (sports) industry has, in achieving the ambitions of the sports agreement. From this sector, we look at how innovations contribute to the three themes; exercise, materials and nutrition.

Finally, the Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary of Saint Martin, Mr. Michael Somersall spoke about the impact of hurricane Irma and the reconstruction of the island. The history and opportunities in the field of sport and the social value of sport and sporting events. Sports events bring sport tourism with them and that is why Saint Martin sees great opportunities there.

After the very interesting and inspiring presentations followed the official part where the first copies of the yearbook Holland Sports & Industry 2018/2019 were presented to Mr. Peter Bootsma, Mr. Peter Barendse, Ms. Mijke Sluis and Mr. Michael Somersall. After the photo opportunity, it was time for a closing drink and a moment for networking and discussing all the input of the presentations.

Orange Sports Forum would like to thank everyone for their contribution and in particular the Knowledge Center for Sports in the Netherlands for their hospitality and fantastic organization of the event!