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Yearbook Holland Sports & Industry 2019 – 2020

On Tuesday December 10th OSF presented the newest version of its yearbook Holland Sports & Industry 2019/2020. The event took place in the new headquarters of CM.com in Breda.

Holland Sports & Industry is a magazine in which Dutch companies and organizations, affiliated to sports are presented. Furthermore, the magazine presents what the Netherlands has to offer in hardware (infrastructure, accommodations, financing, advising, etc.) and software (training, coaching, organization, sports marketing, etc.) in relation to sports. The magazine consists of interviews, editorials and advertisements related to Dutch governments, Dutch sports and Dutch companies and organizations.

The afternoon started with a welcome from OSF. Then, Mr. Peter Rood introduced CM.com. CM.com is an online communications platform. In the field of sports, CM.com has a smart ticketing system, but also apps to check your visitor’s data. Furthermore CM.com helps you to contact your visitors with SMS, email and voice-dialling/messaging. The presentation opened a very interesting discussion about the possibilities of QR-codes while ordering a drink and the importance of mobile phones.

Then Rick Sleegers from OSF took the stage. He discussed the headlights of 2019 for OSF. Like the incoming and outgoing sports-trade missions to Qatar, Miami (Soccerex), Glasgow (HostCity), China and Barcelona (EHL). All very successful missions that expanded the Dutch and foreign networks and expertise. Then Rick looked forward to the coming year. OSF already has many plans for missions towards Africa and America. But also, the continuing of the activities in China and Qatar will ensure many opportunities.

OSF brings the triangle sports, government and business together to put foreign businesses and organizations in contact with the best Dutch partners. The following three presentations each represented one of the three branches from the triangle. The presenters spoke about the abilities, knowledge, products and services offered by the Netherlands and the Dutch companies, organizations and governments. Thanks to the interesting presentations by Mr. Jos Vranken from NBTC | Holland marketing, Mrs. Marijke Fleuren from the EHF (European Hockey Federation) and Mr. Jan van Mourik from VNO-NCW the afternoon was very informative and interesting. After the very interesting and inspiring presentations followed the official part where the first copies of the yearbook were presented to the speakers. After the photo opportunity, it was time for a closing drink and a moment for networking and discussing all the input of the presentations.

Orange Sports Forum would like to thank everyone for their contribution and in particular CM.com for their hospitality and fantastic organization of the event!

The yearbook is available as hardcopy and an online version in both Dutch and English. Would you like to receive the hardcopy please contact Rick Sleegers through the contact page. For the online versions in Dutch and English see the following links.

Click here for the Dutch version.

Click here for the English version.