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PIB ‘Football Development’ Chongqing, China

Orange Sports Forum started a PIB programme (Partners for International Business) in the region Chongqing in China in cooperation with a consortium of Dutch companies. The consortium collaborates with the Dutch government during a three-years programme that focusses on football development. The current participants of the consortium are: Feyenoord, Royal HaskoningDHV, Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, Crown Licensing, Zwarts & Jansma Architects, GP Smart Stadiums and OSF. They want to share their expertise to stimulate football development and use the commercial opportunities that the Chinese market offers.

The PIB programme contains two themes:

  1. Youth academy & talent development

(support, training/coaching, food,

data, scouting, etc.)

  1. construction and renovation of sport facilities

(Design, construction, innovation, safety,

sportsground, chairs, etc.)

Opportunities for your organization

It’s still possible to join the consortium of the PIB programme for the next three years and profit of all the opportunities from Football development in Chongqing. If you don’t want this full programme, OSF also organizes different activities as part of the PIB programme.

There are opportunities to connect with parts of the mission, without being a direct part of the PIB consortium. Are one or more components of the mission interesting, than you can join that section. If your business wants a customized version of the PIB program contact us for the possibilities. A disadvantage is the limited support of the Dutch government and the Dutch consul-general in Chongqing.

Conditions and costs of participation PIB:

OSF, the secretary of the mission, created a few conditions to join the PIB programme:

  • All the participants of the PIB program are member of OSF
  • Participants invest 10.000,- euros per year in the PIB programme, based on the following distribution:
    • €1.500,- in cash
    • €8.500,- in kind (mostly hours)
  • Participation during the whole PIB programme of three years.
  • New organisations must be approved by every single participant. This prerequisite is made to prevent competition. 

Opportunity’s in the region Chongqing (Chongqing, Chengdu and Xi’an)

Chongqing, Chengdu en Xi’an have a central location in China and belongs to the work field of the dutch consul-general in Chongqing. These cities have a strong growth on GDP, urban development and sport participation. Xi’an organises the National Games of China in 2021, Xi’an needs 64 sport accommodations for this event. The current planning contains 12 new facilities and the renovation of 23 existing sport facilities.

There are very concrete plans to build a football stadium (capacity 60.000), athletics stadium (capacity 60.000), gymnastics stadium (capacity 10.000), tennis stadium (capacity 15.000) and swimming stadium (capacity 3.000). The realisation of these stadiums is within 5 years and de PIB focus on the contribution of Dutch companies in the building process. This means a lot of chances for the Dutch businesses.

Background information  PIB programme ‘Football Development’ Chongqing

The Chinese president Xi Jinping said China must become a giant in Football a few years ago. Chinese schools have special education programmes focused on Football. The pillars of this programme are introducing children with football, scouting of talent and training to become professionals. Another ambition of China is professionalizing the professional- and amateur football league.

The province of Chongqing has more than 49 million inhabitants and is also one of the largest cities in China. Numbers show that Chongqing has the second highest sport participation of China, 44% of the people excersise at least one time a week. This is well above the average of 34% in China. In 2050 China wants to be a big player in the world of football. To achieve this China wants to realize 20.000 football schools, to get 30 million Chinese students in contact with the sport. The goal is to have 50 million football players across the country and the creation of 70,000 football fields in 2020.

The PIB programme provides structural collaboration between Dutch companies, the Dutch government, the Chinese parties and the Chinese government. Previously described trends result in huge opportunities for the involved Dutch companies.