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OSF participant Featured: Schmitz Foam Products

In order to highlight OSF participants even more, OSF highlights an OSF participant twice a month through its online channels. This time it is Schmitz Foam Products, an organization that produces shock absorbing and drainage products. We talked to Jens Ulb.

Could you give a brief introduction about yourself and Schmitz Foam Products?
I work at Schmitz Foam Products in Roermond since March 2016. In my position as Sales Director I can fully use my already acquired knowledge and experience in the field of sales within the foam industry. Schmitz Foam Products is a family business, founded in 1935, where the 3rd generation is currently working.

Since then, Schmitz has grown into a global player in the field of shock-absorbing and drainage products that are used worldwide in synthetic turf systems under the ProPlay brand name. ProPlay products are used in various market segments such as sports (football, tennis, hockey, rugby, football, cricket and multi-sports), fall protection on playgrounds and applications for landscaping, cattle and equestrian sports.

ProPlay is known as a high-quality product with excellent shock-absorbing and drainage properties. The reference list is extensive, with at least one ProPlay field installed every day. Over the past year, we have doubled our production capacity with the opening of a new production facility in Coldwater (US). This allows us to serve our customers even better on the other side of the world.

Schmitz regularly introduces new products and applications such as solutions for ski slopes, heated and cooled fields, underlay for upcoming sports such as Padel and sports fields on roofs of, for example, apartment buildings or parking garages.

What is the purpose of Schmitz Foam abroad?
Schmitz exports its products to more than 70 countries in existing markets through a strong and reliable worldwide network of selected distribution and installation partners. The goal is to offer our customers sustainable solutions with a long service life. In addition, we want to expand and strengthen our position in new markets such as Asia and Africa in the coming years.

Can you give some concrete examples of successful projects in the Netherlands or abroad?
Last year, in Hong Kong, a Football field was installed that meets the requirements of FIFA Pro Quality and World Rugby Standards. Additional requirements for this project were that the selected shock pad should last for at least 15 years and that the installation should be able to take place despite of the weather conditions.

In Amsterdam the first Dutch artificial grass American Football field was recently installed for the Amsterdam Crusaders. The field has a ProPlay-Sport20 pad and meets the requirements of the American National Collegiate Athletic Association.

In addition, we have delivered beautiful fields in recent years such as

  • A rugby field at a private school in Namibia
  • A football pitch at the Google campus in Mountain View
  • The football pitch during the women’s football world championship in 2015 at Park Olympic in Montreal
  • A hockey pitch with a view of Table Mountain in South Africa
  • A number of multi-purpose all-weather fields in Centennial Parkland in Australia
  • An artificial ski slope in Turkey
  • A foundation for an outdoor riding school for an Olympic rider in Los Angeles
  • Various applications for safe playing in the Karls strawberry park in Rövershagen, Germany.

Why did you become a member of OSF?
For us this membership is important because of the connection with both the industry and the consumer. OSF organizes events in which these parties meet, specifically for a country (trade mission) or branch (e.g. sports).

What can you do for other OSF members and what can OSF members do for you?
Schmitz has built up a strong network worldwide with architects, engineers, consultants, stadium builders, installers, synthetic turf producers etc. and has developed a strong know-how in the field of foam applications in synthetic turf systems. Together we can exchange contacts, technologies, markets, ideas, trends and developments within and outside the industry and learn from each other.