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Mission during the Dutch Days in Abu Dhabi

This mission serves as a follow-up to the mission of November 2017 to Abu Dhabi and is organized in the week of King’s Day, on the 21st and 22nd of April 2018.

To activate the MOU between OSF and Al Jazira Club, five start-ups and innovations have the opportunity to pitch for Al Jazira Club, the club of Sheikh Mansour (also owner of City Football Group). At the moment six Dutch people are employed at the club, Henk ten Cate is the head coach for example. In addition, large Dutch companies with a representation in Abu Dhabi have also been invited.

The program of this mission is as follows:

April 21, 7.30 pm:
Visit to Al Jazira Club
April 22 noon:
Pitches Dutch sports innovations / start-ups for Al Jazira Club
April 22, 7:00 pm:
Network reception at the Dutch embassy in Abu Dhabi

The mission of November 2017 was a great success. During this mission the development of women’s sport was key. We visited the FBMA Ladies European Tour, a golf tournament where the world top plays, this offered an excellent opportunity to network. Following this event, a conference was organized in which the worldwide women’s sport was well represented. This offered a good opportunity to talk to the decision makers on this theme.

The mission continued at Al Jazira Club, the club of Sheikh Mansour and Henk ten Cate. Among other things, a match was seen, several presentations were attended and discussions took place. It turned out that Al Jazira Club can serve as an excellent hub for Dutch companies that want to do business in the golf region. This is one of the reasons why OSF has signed a MOU with Al Jazira Club.

The follow-up to this mission takes place in April 2018. Provisional participants for the mission are, for example, PSV and Holland Football University.