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Approval Project OSF Academy!

OSF will start developing an OSF Academy in 2022! OSF has started a partnership with a total of 10 partners, within the framework of the SLIM program of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

The partnership aims to establish an OSF Academy for companies and their employees in the sports and events industry. This sector has developed strongly in recent years and this requires a lot from the employees and the organization. The characteristic developments in this sector are economies of scale, professionalisation, internationalisation and digitisation. The aim is to create an accessible platform with the OSF Academy, so employees in the industry are stimulated in a positive way to continue to develop.

The initiative makes learning and development possible for a large group of employees in the sector at various SMEs and fits in well with the principle of Lifelong Learning. The OSF Academy is seen as a multi-year project, where more content will become available in the coming years.

The following partners are involved in the project:

  1. Aggreko: aggreko.com 
  2. Bestronics: bestronics.nl
  3. Fanalists BV: fanalists.com
  4. Flexotels BV: flexotels.com
  5. Game On bv: game-on-technologies.com
  6. Heffels Spiegeler Advocaten: spiegeler.com
  7. MTD Nederland B.V.: mtd.net
  8. Orange Sports Forum: orangesportsforum.com
  9. Technicom BV:  technicom.nl
  10. You.Fo BV: www.you.fo

For more information, please contact OSF via the contact page.