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Sports Pitch Engineering


Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) is a specialist in the design and project management of sports pitches. SPE operates in the global market and introduces a 'no nonsense' approach to sports pitch design. Based on science, local conditions and the clients requirements we tailor each pitch construction to the needs of the client and the benefit of the end user. Sport has the ability to unite communities and players across the globe and SPE values this social aspect to the business. We pride ourselves on our ability to supply first class products and management to sport facility owners and players alike.


Rob de Heer manages SPE and provides knowledge and experience spanning many years in the natural grass industry around the world, and where he has developed a reputation for quality having been involved in the construction and management of numerous projects. He understands the need for professional standards required by the world's leading governing bodies like FIFA, IOC, UEFA etcetera and has equipped construction teams with cutting edge technology, training and equipment in order to fulfill such high standards.



Our expertise ranges from design to preparation of tender documentation, from quality assurance management and supervision to maintenance consultancy. We use specific knowledge and scientific approach to offer our clients a tailor made solution and not just by implementing 'systems'.



Part of the strategy of SPE is to constantly improve our service by investing in research and development of knowledge, design of pitches and developing specialist equipment. An example is our research to plant assimilation light systems in stadiums.



SPE offers expert knowledge of construction techniques and correct use of equipment. Often the contractor will only be valued on the final result whilst problems might occur in later stages resulting in latent defects.



XtraGrass combines the positive properties of natural grass with the strength of artificial turf into a superior playing surface. It is a system where the natural turf is reinforced with artificial turf fibers. A perfect combination between the playability of natural grass and the durability of synthetic turf.



SPE provides all services from pitch design and project management through to completion. Once your sports pitch is installed and in use, SPE can cater for your ongoing pitch maintenance to keep your playing surface at the optimum quality.










Contact: Rob de Heer

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