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Embedded Fitness

Embedded Fitness  

Interactive exercise

Childhood overweight /obesity and inactivity represent a major healthcare problem and an increasing social problem, for which a growing concern exists. An increasing number of children suffer from the limitations these problems involve. Therefore, these children need to get active again. As a solution to this social problem, the Embedded Fitness concept will counteract these negative trends.
This objective will be reached by introducing interactive fitness & gaming devices, and offering complementary health programs and extensive support. The special equipment will combine physical fitness with entertainment, or more specially: gaming. Gaming represents a second social trend, as gaming becomes increasingly popular.
Gaming owns a number of motivating factors such as progressive feedback, open end, multiplayer / community, challenge, social bonding and feeling of relatedness. Using the special interactive devices, children will  be playing games and have fun while they are exercising at the same time. Interactive devices are also virtual reality program’s coupled at bicycles, rowing machines and treadmills. Especially adults love this new kind of fitness. Doing a fit and fun test on different interactive items gives insight in the participants vitality.

The first E-fitzone started in Eindhoven in January 2008 and is great, full of youngsters entertaining themselves with a good deal of exercise. The devices themselves are not innovative, but the e-fitness concept is definitely a breakthrough in accepting e-sports and building an ambient (sports) environment. The company is developing and searching for new innovative pieces of equipment.

The centre will not only be a physical interactive playing field, but also a knowledge centre to do research at interactive movement and not only focused on younger people but also for other audiences as elderly. For example, in cooperation with TNO  is tested 6 games, Gamebike, Dance Revolution and 4 more games and the conclusion was that exercising these interactive games uses a lot of energy and can compete with sports like playing soccer and swimming. Embedded Fitness has gained experience with various audiences. It appeared that the concept is suitable for children with autism but also for people with physical limitations.

The interest for this concept is amazing. The opening got a lot of media attention and different organisations from several countries are interested in this concept. Special interest is coming from education, care and government. Also Agis Participation BV (health insurance company) is participating in the company (shareholder). They are interested in the preventive possibilities for overweight kids, adults / employees and also for elderly.  

Using the motivational properties of gaming, various activities have been developed for various markets.
E-fit zone
A physical interactive playing field is rolled out in a franchise formula. Embedded Fitness sells the concept, makes the design and set up the room for the customer. The E-fit zone fits perfectly into a leisure - or sport environment.
E-fit corner

The E-fit corner is a small fitness, game and exercise unit. It is possible to place this corner on site (hotels, companies, schools, houses for elderly etc) for a certain period. People can come together to meet each other and set a highscore.

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Contact: Carla Scholten

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