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OSF Participation National Sports Exhibition


At November 30, the National Sports Exhibition will take place in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. During this one-day Exhibition, you will meet several deliverers or other providers of services who can help you in the field of sport accommodations, material, financial leasing, purchasing, medical materials, sponsorships and events. Orange Sports Forum will be present this day as well, together with the partner Maastricht School of Management to provide this day from an international touch as well.

Beside the 300 suppliers who are present that day, there will be an interactive and interesting program as well. For instance, the main stage will provide different panels/interviews with topics like: “Johan Cruijff’s vision of controlling a sports organization” and “The health of sports players that play on artificial turf pitches”. There will also be several interesting interviews with famous sportsmen/women and all the visitors can enjoy or even participate clinics or quizzes at the different squares. Bringing a visit to this Exhibition, including parking, is for free. Would you like to visit this day, please sign up at the link at the bottom, because as a sports functionary, manager of a sports assembly and/or owner of a sports accommodation you can’t miss the chance of this Exhibition!

If you would like to receive more information or receive the full program this day, you can visit the website of the Exhibition itself: h 

You can get your free e-tickets via this link: 

Hopefully we will see you at the 30rd of November in Gorinchem. 



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