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Incoming visit Chinese delegation Titan Media

From 30 September till the 4th of October a Chinese delegation from Titan Media visited the Netherlands to learn more about the Dutch sports industry and to get in contact with interesting companies and organizations.


Orange Sports Forum organized several meetings between Titan Media and Dutch companies. Furthermore Titan Media was our guest during an ‘OSF meeting’ with more than 25 companies from the Dutch sports industry. At the first part of the meeting several presentations were given by members of Orange Sports Forum. Then Titan Media presented their interest in the Dutch sports industry and on which themes they would like to work together with the Netherlands. Titan Media was very impressed about the Dutch expertise.


After the presentations a small matchmaking session was organized. Each company had the possibility for a short meeting with Titan Media to introduce themselves and to discuss further possibilities for cooperation. At the end several agreements were made and in the near future we hope to specify the possibilities and visit Titan Media in China with interested Dutch companies.


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