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InnoSportNL is the binding factor between sport, science, and trade & industry. InnoSportNL initiates, facilitates and realizes the development of innovative products and services for Dutch sportsmen and women. These innovations enable sportspeople to achieve durable progress, advantages and victories, as well as stimulating sporting achievements that substantiate Olympic ambitions.
Sport has high social and economic value and possesses the unique capacity to unite people; sport fraternizes. It is our mission to bring together sport, science and the business community on the sports field, and to develop products and services that make the necessary difference. As the motor behind the proper structure for innovation, InnoSport helps sportspeople, entrepreneurs and academics to extend their boundaries. In conjunction, they contribute to improved participation in sport and a healthier lifestyle for all Dutch citizens. Thanks to sports participation and sports innovation, the Netherlands is becoming the most sport-oriented country in the world.
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InnoSportNL rules of play
Do you nurture a wish for innovation, or perhaps you already have the solution to seeing this wish fulfilled? InnoSportNL offers support in establishing contacts, initiating research and actually completing the process.
Relevant rules of play
InnoSportNL brings parties together to realize innovation in sport, and offers support in project management, appropriate contracts and appointments or communication. One precondition is that the innovation is backed by a company, a sports organization and a knowledge group who will all invest time and/or money.
By means of a reimbursement agreement, InnoSportNL can participate in the project financially. As a motor behind innovation, InnoSportNL is geared to setting innovations in motion and to making use of commercial successes for new innovation projects. Of course, the company itself ought to gain most benefit from the project.
InnoSportNL can have less influence on innovations that have already been realized, but synergy with other sports innovations with which we are familiar is probably also possible. In that case, an investment is less opportune but the use of our network may be interesting.
InnoSportNL does not aim at making profits, is independent, does not charge for hours worked, and is not a consultancy agency. A non-obligatory exchange of thoughts is always possible. If we invest time and money in a project, the costs are covered by a reimbursement agreement. If commercial success does not materialize, all parties are unfortunate. Of course we are critical about the projects we decide to take on; after all, there must be a genuine chance of success.
We will be pleased to hear whether or not you would like to discuss your ideas with us. Our independence from the world of sport, trade & industry and the knowledge domain is extremely important, and for that reason confidentially will be self-evident.
In the Netherlands, InnoSportNL has at its disposal five InnoSportLabs with test and research facilities to implement innovative projects. Sport, trade & industry and knowledge institutions collaborate here to realize pioneering results. An InnoSportLab is a breeding ground for innovation in real-life practice.
InnoSportLab The Hague – Innovation in sailing
The InnoSportLab The Hague was launched at the end of 2010 at an ideal location: the Internationaal Topzeilcentrum (International Top Sailing Centre) in Scheveningen, which is the new home base of the Olympic team and the top sailing department of the Watersport Association.
InnoSportLab De Tongelreep – Innovation in Swimming
Het trainingscentrum van Nationaal Zwemcentrum De Tongelreep (De Tongelreep National Swimming Centre) in Eindhoven is the beating heart of Dutch competitive swimming. Here, top swimmers work on improving their performance, and a new generation of swimmers is being prepared for a future in top sport.
InnoSportLab 's-Hertogenbosch – Innovation in gymnastic sports
As the national training centre of the Royal Dutch Gymnastic Union since March 2010, the InnoSportLab in the Flik-Flak Hall in ’s-Hertogenbosch is the focus of innovation for gymnastic sports in the Netherlands.
InnoSportLab Sport and Movement – Innovation for young and old
Innovative developments across the whole spectrum of sport form the focus of attention at InnoSportLab Sport and Movement. The aim is to enable Dutch people to engage in sports and to maintain mobility, healthily and pleasurably, their whole life long.
InnoSportLab Thialf – Innovation in skating
The Thialf Skating stadium in Heerenveen is a logical choice for the InnoSportLab for speed skating, as this is where the theory of innovation and the practice of sport converge. Skaters and coaches can work on improving their performance under optimum circumstances.
InnoSportLab Papendal – Innovation in top sport
InnoSportLab Papendal is the test environment par excellence for innovative products, services and facilities in the field of nutrition, physiology and performance monitoring. Top sportspeople are supported in their daily training activities via ongoing tests and measurements. In addition, there is scope for the development of innovative products and services.

Contact: Chantal Tutein Nolthenius

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