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Ballast Nedam

Ballast Nedam is a developer and builder that delivers sustainable total solutions in the built environment. We identify, develop, design, build, manage, maintain and operate our products and services. We are able to perform our processes both individually and as an integrated whole. Our strategy is oriented to activities that cover both the horizontal chain and the vertical chain.

Established in 1877, Ballast Nedam has grown into one of the largest Dutch construction companies. Ballast Nedam is involved in the realization of civil, building and industrial works in the Netherlands and abroad. One of our landmark projects in the Middle East is the King Fahd Causeway between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Ballast Nedam’s strength lies in the field of appealing and cost-effective construction projects, which we can support with the high degree of knowledge and expertise that is available within our organisation.

Ballast Nedam was involved in the construction of stadiums in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany and Japan.

In 2011 we developed Plug and Place Core® for stadiums. A concept based on the philosophy to erect a stadium as easily and quickly as possible, with only a limited number of action required. The modular design uses a limited number of standard components and an industrial building method.

Ballast Nedam had in 2010 an annual turnover of EUR 1.4 bn (US$ 1.9 bn) and a total workforce of around 4,000 employees.




Amsterdam Arena

Conceptual design of movable roof structure by Ballast Nedam Engineering. Construction of a multi-functional stadium with 51,133 seats and a large parking area on both sides of the road below the stadium. A special feature is the sliding roof, consisting of 2 panels thirty-five by one hundred metres, permitting events to be held in the stadium even in poor weather conditions.

The Amsterdam Area measures 235 metres in length, 165 metres in width and 76 metres in height. A total of 75,000 m3
of concrete and 9,000 tones of steel has been used in the construction.

The fixed roof construction has a surface area of 29,000 m2 and half of it is furnished transparent coating.


Euroborg Stadium Park

Development and construction of a multi-functional stadium complex.

Stadium two stand rings, 1,500 business-seats, 40 skyboxen (total 22,500 seats), state of the art comfort and safety; facilities for soccer club FC Groningen (3,000 m2); offices (4 x 5,000 m2);
6,000 m2 super sport store according concept try and buy; apartments (2 x 75 units à 110 m2); leisure facilities (8,000 m2); 120 room 4-star hotel accommodation; 1,500 m2 small leisure
facilities; 1,000-1,5000 m2 not stadium related catering facilities; parking (1,500 underground places); mega cinema (10 auditoriums, 7,500 m2).

The grass pitch can be lifted if no soccer matches take place. The room underneath can then be used for other large public events. The field serves as roof and also as green space for the
houses at the corner of the "Euroborg".


Westfalen Stadium Borussia Dortmund

Expansion of two existing stands with a second tier, consisting of 13,500 covered seats. Underneath the stands space has been created for: Parking garage, VIP rooms, Commercial facilities.

West Stand: parking area for 300 cars, Walkway incl. catering facilities, VIP area,

East Stand: parking area for (tele) communication facilities (radio and TV cars), Walkway incl. catering facilities, VIP area.


Estadio José Alvalade SCP Lisbon

This stadium brings the latest in stadium design combined with corporate hospitality. All guests will be served and guided in and around the stadium from arrival until departure.

A shopping and leisure esplanade, open seven days a week and accessible to all visitors, supports the stadium function
and the surrounding housing, offices and retail.

The VIP and business accommodations will offer facilities to do business with your guests before, during and after an event.

The new stadium will be located in the present Alvalade area . The accessibility of the area for all visitors is excellent and the connections with the airport and downtown Lisbon are proven to be outstanding.


Das Antas Stadium FC Porto

The new stadium of FC Porto corresponds to a new concept of equipment of sports,
recreation, leisure and commercial activities. It is not a field to be exclusively used for a weekly football match, it is an equipment thought for daily use; it seeks to captivate the
interest of the whole family, by offering a diversified range of functions in excellent comfort conditions.

Conceptual design and layout:
• 52.000 covered seats
• Various categories of business boxes and seats
• Hospitality facilities and restaurants that can be operated as restaurants with a congress/party centre on non-event days.
• Over 100 seats for disabled people and a handicap centre
• Around the area a pleasant concourse is created with sports halls and an 8 lane swimming pool
• A museum, merchandizing, a bingo hall, indoor sport facilities, a squash centre, a bowling alley, billiard and snooker facilities can be found.
• 850 VIP car parking places on two levels


St James Newcastle United FC

Construction of new stands at St. James' Park, converting the much-loved ground into a 36,800 all-seater stadium to comply with safety regulations.
Generally steel framed construction with cladding / block work outer walls. The undersides of the stands provide catering and bar facilities of two levels and there is an area which is
allocated for commercial use.
The south west corner contains offices on level 4 and level 5, which houses administration and executives of the football club. It also contains 11 hospitality boxes and a 156 seats
hospitality restaurant with external seating to view the game.
The club shop is open to the public throughout the week on level 2.
Externally an extensive amount of car parking and landscaping works was also undertaken to compliment the project.


Sapporo Colosseum

Conceptual design for Sapporo Colosseum.
- 4th generation, 50,000 / 60,000 seater multifunctional stadium, emphasizing on
soccer and baseball;
- dome shaped roof:
- retractable and movable stands;
- laterally moving natural pitch, outside pitch area covered by retractable roof;
- tradium development: 6 floors with commercial activities, e.g. multi media facilities;
- application of durable materials for low budget maintenance.


ADO Den Haag Stadium

Development, design and construction of a new stadium with a capacity of 15,000 covered seats, The stadium has a characteristic roof construction of aluminium cladding which is also applied on the facades and includes a four storey main building with soccer related facilities, business seats and business units. Located at the Prince Claus Square near the connection of the A12 and A4 motorway, the stadium is at
walking distance from the anticipated new train station.


King Fahd Causeway

Design and construction of the 25 km long King Fahd Causeway between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Half of this permanent construction has been constructed as a dam and the part bridged over consists of five unequal bridge sections. To facilitate the work, a work island was reclaimed north-west of Bahrain for the construction of factories, linked to Bahrain by a dam for transport purposes. Channels had to be dredged to enable the heavy transport of construction elements to the building site. For the construction of the embankments a quantity of 5 million tons of rock and broken stones has been used as well as some ten million m³ of sand that has been dredged from the sea bottom. The foundation and superstructure of the bridges is built of prefabricated elements, the biggest of which having a weight of 1200 tons. The sunken foundation caissons for the main span are poured in with underwater concrete.


Contact: Jan Niks

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