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Full Profile EGG International B.V.
EGG International B.V.

How it started
On a summer afternoon of 2009, Rick could not wait any longer. For a long time he had been waiting for his baby daughter to be old enough to go on her first bike ride.

He installed the infant seat on the bike's handlebar, carefully strapped Day in to it and began to pedal away. Although he rode cautiously, the new weight on his handlebar threw off his balance nearly causing him to crash. He immediately became aware that Day needed a helmet. But why is it that kids don't wear helmets? Obviously because they find helmets to be uncomfortable and unappealing. They are just not cool. The idea then dawned on Rick, to create a helmet that would be fun, safe and comfortable and would be fit for almost any sport. A quality helmet that children would want to wear and would provide the peace of mind parents need. Ultimately a universal helmet for everyone regardless of age, taste or favorite sport.

Egg helmets were created with a simple vision in mind: to make safety comfortable fun and stylish and to change  “ I need a helmet” into “ I want a helmet”

With this vision they built a state-of-the-art universal helmet, featuring a customization system that holds all the safety aspects needed, while allowing you to easily change its appearance.

The premises for making such a helmet were clear:
The helmet had to be universal and suitable for the most popular and non-motorized snow,
street and water sports.
The helmet had to excel in safety and comfort but also had to be desirable.
The helmet had to fit like a glove regardless of the user's head shape.
The helmet had to have a simple system for personalizing it.

For this vision to become a reality, the helmet was developed from scratch by implementing new ideas and technology. The result is a highly advanced, super safe and flat-out cool helmet.

It is all about striving to be the best at doing what you do and having fun while you do it. Having fun doing what you do implies using your imagination and self expression to do it.

This attitude boosts whatever your do from ordinary into extraordinary. This is how we do things here at EGG International. More than just a safety brand, EGG is determined to become a brand known for making a functional product FUN. EGG will be responsible for shifting the paradigm from helmets being a necessity to helmets as an accessory while maintaining the highest quality standards, cutting-edge innovation and top design

Hello, my name is.....

An egg is generally regarded as something fragile, vulnerable and in need of protector but in reality an egg is quite the opposite.

An egg is nature's brilliant solution to provide protection by using one of the strongest known shapes; the arch. Arches have been used by architects throughout history not only for their aesthetics but also for their capability to support massive weights. When placed vertically, the egg has amazing strength for the thinness and light-weight of its shell ensuring that the unhatched chick inside is safe and protected. Thanks to the nature's ingenious design, the egg is strong exactly how it needs to be strong, thus safeguarding the survival of its precious content.
An EGG is not only strong but is also beautiful with its signature continuous curve that flows without disruptions such as right angles.

The EGG helmet, just like an egg, is designed to protect its precious content - a human head - in the best way possible by combining strength, light-weight and comfort all contained by its beautiful signature curved shape. Flowing curves are also a trademark characteristic of all of the sports and activities that the helmet is worn for.
Skiing, snowboarding bicycling, skateboarding, wakeboarding and all gravity sports are characterized by curves and flow.
Furthermore the word egg is associated with many positive connotations. It is a symbol of life, as new life forms within it. It represents a beginning and a potential. Likewise, human heads are the source of creation and imagination. Everything that surrounds us in our human world originates from a thought which spawned in someone's head. What lies within the egg (whether you are talking about a head in the helmet or a new life in an egg shell) is the starting point of creation and must be protected.
It is amazing and thought-provoking how much meaning is packed such a simple three-lettered word. EGG. What is there not to love about it?

Contact: Lisanne Wintgens

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