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Full Profile Feyenoord Rotterdam
Feyenoord Rotterdam

Feyenoord Rotterdam is one of the two biggest football clubs in the Netherlands. The Dutch school’ of football is known for its attractive style of play and its excellent youth and talent development systems. In spite of the Netherlands’ relatively small population it is a world power in footballing terms having reached no less than three World Cup finals in the last 40 years. In 1970 Feyenoord became the first Dutch to lift a major European trophy, when it conquered the European Cup (which is known as the Champions League nowadays). Feyenoord was also the first Dutch club to win the Intercontinental Cup (1970) as well as the UEFA Cup (1974 ,nowadays known as the Europa League). In the Netherlands Feyenoord was the first club to win a ‘double’: in 1965 the Rotterdam outfit conquered both the league and the Dutch FA Cup. In 2002 Feyenoord was the last Dutch club to win a European trophy, when it bagged its second UEFA Cup. Nationally, Feyenoord has amassed a total of 14 league titles as well as 11 FA Cups. 

Feyenoord Academy is the youth development centre of Feyenoord Rotterdam. The Feyenoord Academy approach ensures that home grown players are the foundation of the first team of Feyenoord and the Dutch national team.  Secret to the success is its unique vision with a focus on individual development. It manages to bridge the gap between youth football and the highest level. For that reason the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) has awarded Feyenoord for having the best youth system in the Netherlands for three years in a row now. As such, it is exemplary for clubs and federations across the world.

Feyenoord Rotterdam is also available for consultancy on football academy development, football academy design, safety & security, crowd control and event management.


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