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Full Profile TRIADA
Are you looking for assistance to find international or Turkish partners, start or broaden activities in Turkey and/ or create new projects or business opportunities? Then you are at the right place. TRIADA offers:

  • Access to a broad Turkish and international network of companies,
  • organisations and qualified personnel,
  • Knowledge about application to (inter)national funds and grants and Experience with transformation of ideas in creative projects.
TRIADA is a young and ambitious consultancy company, existing of Dutch and Turkish consultants, specialised in international projects and business and located in Antalya, Turkey.

Our speciality is to assist organisations with the development or broadening of international activities. Our services consist of:

  • Company matchmaking: finding the right (inter)national cooperation partners. After an intake with your organisation, TRIADA will look for organisations/ companies that fit your profile. Together we will select the organisation that you want to be put in contact with. Next to individual matchmaking we also arrange matchmaking for more companies or business sectors. E.g. a matchmaking event with 150 meetings between Turkish and Dutch agricultural companies during the trade mission with the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce of Haaglanden;
  • Project management: like transforming the idea to a project proposal, researching financing opportunities and carrying out the project. An example is the mounted police project in which the Turkish mounted police was educated by Dutch trainers of the mounted police;
  • Intern ship and work mediation: finding intern ships and work places that fit the education and experience of the person in question and
  • Training: individual or in company training in order to enhance your efficiency in the international arena.
Our clients are very diverse with European and Turkish organisations like SMEs, umbrella organisations, (local) governments, municipalities, multinationals, universities and vocational education institutes.

Our team consists of experienced professionals fluently in English, Turkish, Dutch, German, French, Russian and Spanish. Also we have a pool of experts in different areas that we regularly cooperate with.

Should you be interested in our services, then you are most welcome to contact us.

With friendly greetings
on behalf of TRIADA,

Angelique Tonnaer - Kırkıl,

T:+90.242.322 29 85
M:+90.533.771 80 27 (or if I am not in Turkey +31.6.10 814 845)
Skype & Linkedin:atonnaer

Contact: TRIADA Consultancy

Are you representing a private company, sports or government organization and are you looking for state-of-the-art knowledge, products, services or projects in the field of sports, this is where you will find it!