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Descol sports surfaces


Descol, the basis for top performance !
Athletes want to win, just like Descol. That is why Descol develops, produces and installs indoor and outdoor sports floors that outperform all other floors by far. The name ? Pulastic®. An extraordinary range of sports floors, favored by athletes around the world. And rightly so. With Pulastic, market leader Descol repeatedly provides the basis for top performance, and has been doing so since 1965.
Descol, based in Deventer, the Netherlands, is an innovative organization providing a range of services under one roof. From research to development, from production to installation and from service to consultancy and after-sales.Descol is part of the Swiss Sika AG concern, a global company with more than 12.000 employees in 106 production and marketing facilities in 72 countries.
The Number 1 in sports floors
Descol's worldwide distribution network spans more than 60 countries. The distributors' installation teams are trained by Descol's experts. This way, Descol is able to guarantee that Pulastic sports floors anywhere in the world are synonymous for top quality, long life cycles, top performance, minimized sports injuries and versatile applicability. To date, Descol has installed more than 30 million m² of Pulastic sports floors at over 50,000 locations. This is the ultimate proof that we are Number 1.
Descol has valued partners, including testing and research institutes and sports federations. Our top quality sports floors meet the most challenging sports conditions and are approved by the Dutch Olympic Committee NOC*NSF and ISA Sport. Internationally, Descol works closely together with institutes like IST, University of Gent, NBI, FMPA and Labosport.
Together with our partners, we supply the best, innovative and sustainable flooring solutions, creating an environment in which top performances and comfort are central and sport abilities become assured. Sports federations, for example FIBA (basketball), FIVB (volleyball) and IHF (handball) officially recognize and approve Pulastic sports floors, according to strict international standards. The partnerships affirm that Descol sports surfaces is proven to be a company capable of manufacturing Pulastic flooring at international level.
A Pulastic floor is built up in a sustainable way, layer by layer. The sublayer consists of recycled rubber granulate and is attached to the subfloor using a solvent-free adhesive. On top of this permanently resilient floor, a sealing layer and two self-leveling layers are applied. These materials consist largely of vegetable oil and renewable raw materials and contain no heavy metals. As the finishing touch, a water-based matte top coating is applied.
Descol sports surfaces is proud to be the first enterprise in the industry to be certified according to the CSR Performance Ladder, inspired by the ISO 26000 standard. A great complement to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VCA** certificates that we have had for years.

Contact: Peter Minnee

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