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Full Profile Edel Grass B.V.
Edel Grass B.V.
Edel Grass has over 30 years of experience in the market for artificial grass pitches and sports fields. As a seasoned player from the very outset, we provide the market with high quality systems for both sport and leisure purposes. Our artificial grass pitches for hockey, tennis and football meet the most rigorous play specifications. Together with our partners, we supply innovative and sustainable system solutions, creating an environment in which top performances and relaxation are central and talent can flourish.
Edel Grass was established in 1989 within the Edel International organization. The logic was that the existing domestic carpet production and the rising artificial grass production could be managed on identical machineries (tufting/backing). At that time Edel Grass started with the production, sales and construction of hockey fields, tennis courts, football pitches (sand filled) and multi sport systems. The principle was to develop artificial grass systems for these target groups in the Netherlands, to complete the total installations, to monitor the fields (or projects) over time with the final goal to export the successful systems abroad. In this way originated a system thinking and exporting organization with the manufacturing of turf and with expertise in civil engineering and additional project management.
At the end of 2007 Edel Grass were acquired by Ten Cate & Ingenieursbureau Oranjewoud. Both concerns are listed on the Dutch Amsterdam stock exchange. It is well known fact that Royal Ten Cate is worldwide market leader in synthetic yarns and primary backing. Ingenieursbureau Oranjewoud is one of the biggest Dutch engineering and consulting companies in sports/civil/environment. The purchase by these companies provided is an industrial chain integration by bringing together the technical knowledge of yarn, sport surface systems and civil engineering expertise.
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