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Can you imagine a more inspiring building than a stadium? They are impressive to look at, a proud landmark for every city! They are the start of urban development and business opportunities. They are exciting places for the people to meet and enjoy fantastic events. At first glance, a building should be like a powerful image imprinted on your mind. Then, when you look again, you see more: a discovery, more depth, more detail, more awareness. These are the two moments we want to express in our architecture.

Our architectural department is part of the Royal BAM Group, a top 10 European contractor. BAM not only builds but also develops and designs stadium state-of-the-art projects. We have a wide network with other companies involved in this business such as advisors, suppliers and operators. Our designs are published by international magazines.

Stadiums are complex and expensive buildings, that need to withstand time. The knowledge of the architectural concepts we design has been developed over a period of more than 15 years, in close cooperation with in-company developers and builders. That is why we can work fast. We design beautiful and interesting buildings while considering business- costs- and manufacturing aspects. Cost experts and engineering experts operate within our firm, working in close team-cooperation with our architects. Expertise in the field of durability and environmental issues is available in-company.

The creation of a stadium design involves several steps. First we sum up the requirements needed for this particular stadium. We describe field functionality, seating, players area, business club, suites, concourses etcetera. We study the required regulations from sports organisations and government. Then we start by designing the seating plan, followed by all the surrounding spaces. Our focus during the design is on functionality for the operator and comfort for the visitors. Parallel to this the architectural appearance and the area plot plan are created.

We design stadiums:
for the visitors: great atmosphere and good comfort
for the operator: multi functionality, smooth logistics, business opportunities
for the project developers: fast design process, economical structure, easy-to-build
for the environment: durable design choices

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Contact: Arend Rutgers

Are you representing a private company, sports or government organization and are you looking for state-of-the-art knowledge, products, services or projects in the field of sports, this is where you will find it!