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INCONTROL Simulation Solutions


INCONTROL Simulation Solutions is a Dutch company founded in 1989 and headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands. INCONTROL is a an independent software manufacturer and provider of simulation solutions for industry, transportation, infrastructural development, crowd management and safety. INCONTROL’s comprehensive software portfolio comprises the products Enterprise Dynamics, Pedestrian Dynamics, ShowFlow and EDX. Each product family is engineered to their specific use and markets.

Our mission is to make clients and partners successful in their field through innovative simulation solutions that will improve their business in efficiency, costs and safety. INCONTROL operates worldwide through our offices in the Netherlands, Germany, United States and China and a worldwide partner network.
INCONTROL is very experienced in offering crowd simulation solutions for the event safety & security market, especially in stadiums. Some stadium reference projects:
-          Euro2012 stadia in Ukraine/Poland
-          World Cup 2018 stadia in Russia
-          Euro 2016 stadia in France
-          PSV Eindhoven stadium 
Other international projects:
-          World Expo2012 in Sjanghai
-          Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
-          Brisbane National Airport.
Next to the worldwide distibution of simulation software, INCONTROL provides:
Customized development of model based on customer demand. In this case experienced simulation engineers at INCONTROL will develop customize model of client’s situation and, if necessary, perform scenario analysis based on customer demand.
Product training on every level of experience. This training can either be given in of our offices or on location at the client.
Maintenance & Support:
Via one of our offices we offer:
-          24 hr support desk for our software.
-          Full technical support
-          Modeling support
-          Product updates

Contact: Jeroen Steenbakkers

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