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Wagner Group | boardroom consulting & executive education

Wagner Group | Sport Management

Executive MBA Sport Management
The Sport Community & Business School

The Approach: just as dynamic as sport themselves
The Executive MBA (EMBA) Sport Management degree offered by the Wagner Group | Sport Management is a dynamic, innovative educational programme that targets professionals who are interested iin further honing their management skills and/or sharpening their expertise in running sports organisations.

There are several learning pathways at the core of the programme, namely the acknowledgement and recognition of personal professional involvement and development, the need for knowledge creation and sharing, and the developments in the sports industry. The objective of all of this is to facilitate students' efforts to make a contribution to their own organisation's developments and sports in general.

Two-year part-time study programme: an experience

The EMBA Sport Management is a part-time programme designed to allow professional sports managers to further their own development, and to improve the competencies of sports organisations.

Thanks to its years of academic educational experience, Wagner Group | Sport Management is able to build on the knowledge gained, ande the experience of sports managers it has already trained. These former students attend alumni events on a regular basis, and motivate those within their personal networks to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Talent development at an academic level
The EMBA programme of Wagner Group | Sport Management brings together a talented group of national and international working professionals with an academic background and an affinity for sports. Under the guidance of well-known professors, instructors and experts from the field, this group learns to focus on values that are of immeasurable importance for countries, organisations and individuals: competency management, (social) entrepreneurship, strategy, leadership, marketing & communications, (sports) economics, sport technology, event & facility management, the philosophy of science and organisational science.

Instructors and facilitators are very aware of the fact that giving a course involves a lot more than merely transferring knowledge. They feel a strong sense of responsibility to guide participants in a way that will ensure that their knowledge and experience will form a coherent whole. Executive learning is at the heart of the programme, and Socratic coaching techniques are applied on the basis of results from licenced competency exams. The programme meets the need for in-depth knowledge, reflection, innovation and transformation, the result of which is an expansion of the participants' repertoire of actions.

What is so unique about what we offer?

  • Executive learning in small groups of professionals with a passion for sports;
  • The opportunity to study at the first knowledge intstitute to put sport management on the map in the, and which has nationally and internationally valuable partners;
  • Intake level: HBO (higher vocational educational) or higher or university;
  • A part-time programme which takes personal learning needs into account as well as those of the organisation (competency development based on the job profile aspired to);
  • Structured coaching in conducting research for and writing the MBA master's thesis;
  • Two international school trips (China and America);
  • Accredited (international) MBA degree;
  • Active alumni community which holds an annual Sport Management Meeting each spring.

Curriculum: more than an educaton, a dialogical learning environment
The EMBA Sport Management programme consists ot two phases, each of which lasts one academic year. For both phases, the participants' method of approach may be characterised as academic. During the first phase of the programme, the emphasis in on the acquisition and in-depth study of new knowledge and skills in various facets of management, organisation and the professional development of the sports sector. The second phase focuses on the acquisition

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