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SABA Dinxperlo


High performance sealants in concrete constructions
Netherlands-based SABA Dinxperlo BV specialises in producing high performance elastic sealing materials for concrete constructions at for example stadiums, parking decks, industrial flooring, container terminals, airports, ports and (petro)chemical facilities. The products we supply are used for durable sealing, coating or membrane sealing on surfaces.
Specific product properties are needed to create a durable joint in concrete constructions. In some cases special certificates are required as well.SABA is familiar with many technologies, such as polyurethane, MS-polymer, polysulphide, silicones and epoxy. We can thus choose the product with the best technology and certificates for each specific requirement.
As time for maintenance has become more limited, the need for products with a longer service life has grown. SABA responds to this by offering products for sealing concrete constructions that have a significantly longer service life. 
Advantages of SABA-products
·         proven durability, some for over 20 years
·         resistant to UV and temperatures up to +100 °C
·         reduce mechanical damage and easy to repair
·         resistant to many chemicals
·         superior adhesion to steel and concrete
Some references:
Stadiums: Over 20 stadiums like PSV Eindhoven, WisÅ‚a Kraków, Offenbach Frankfurt and many more.
Parking garages: Over 100 in many countries like in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom.
Airports: Over 100 worldwide like Bahrain, Jeddah, Schiphol and Frankfurt
Others: Aramco, BP, ESSO, Exxon, Shell, Total and many

Contact: Arjen Hagevoort

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