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Ice-World International

The fold-out aluminium portable ice rink consists of a series of fold-out elements that are easily connected to each other using a few quick-release couplings.
What makes the system unique is the fold-out aluminium ice floor, which can easily be unfolded without tools or equipment,The system combines speed with quality, because everything is pre-assembled and tested at the factory, so we set up your ice rink today and you skate tomorrow!.
Our product range includes:
- Ice hockey rink (IHFF standards)
- Grand Oval 400 metre rink
- Short track rink
- Long distance “ice track”
- FunTrack
- FunSlide
- Seasonal ice rinks.

Why Ice-World?

  • Set up today and skate tomorrow
  • Real ice up to 30°C/85°F
  • Skating on green energy
  • Up to 40% more energy efficient.
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified.


Information on a variety of appealing projects can be found on our website Below you find 2 examples of tailor made 'one off' installations.

Ice hockey event on Ice-World ice

The largest action sports event ever to reach New Zealand was held in July 2011 in a three-game ice hockey exhibition series.
A portable hockey rink from Ice-World was erected in 2 days. We had just 48 hours to remove it after the event, before transporting it to the next venue.


Ice-World builds largest ice rink in the world

Each year from November till March skating-loving people can enjoy the pleasure of skating along reedy borders, through the flat countryside and among forested groves. For at least one hundred days, guaranteed, frost or no frost. Because Ice-World  has built  a 5 kilometre ice track for FlevonIce in Biddinghuizen, with more than 30,000 m2 of ice! A project that is unique in the world. Never before has a mobile ice rink of such size been constructed in the middle of, and right across, the open countryside. When it comes to mobile ice skating rinks, Ice-World possesses a wealth of know-how, expertise and experience. They have succeeded in building up a sound reputation for themselves both in The Netherlands as well as abroad. That is why FlevOnice chose Ice-World. Nothing about this rink is standard. Each part of the ice rink has been specifically designed and it is all being completely tailor-made at Ice-World. FlevOnice offers not only professional skaters, but also people skating for leisure or as a hobby, enough space and opportunity for intensive hours of training or just a nice day out.



Contact: Anne Hoekstra

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