Sports Marketing, Media & ICT
Sports Marketing, Media & ICT
Sports Marketing, Media & ICT
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Sports Marketing, Media & ICT

Han van den Wijngaard Motorsports Consultancy


Commercial Doctor Ltd

Commercial Doctor Ltd is a highly innovative consultancy and training company, specialising in providing commercial support services alongside major sports events.

If you are a Local Organising Committee, a Sports Governing Body, a City bidding to host a sports event, or a Contractor seeking to break into the sports market, we can help you deliver your objectives.

Our LinkedIn profile is at:



Van den Wall Bake Consult bv


Avyna - In- and Outdoor Products

Avyna is the producer of high quality play products where safety and durability has the highest priority. We are a company that is operating at the upper level of the market and are in the outdoor business for more than 15 years. During these years we gained the necessary experience in designing and producing different kind of high quality trampolines, inflatables, football goals and many other products. We have our own factories in Taiwan and Vietnam and our sales office, showroom and European warehouse is located in the Netherlands (Europe). Products of Avyna are supplied worldwide. (

De Meern

StateCore BV

Innovative Entertainment Technology

Motion Control, Visualisation Tools, Custom Electronics, Mac & iOs Apps




Sport2B is a sports economic consultancy firm.

We offer economic and policy advise to public and private organisations in the world of sports. Combining specific sports economic expertise, more than 15 years of experience in top quality policy advise and a thorough knowledge of the world of sports, we guide and support our clients in their decision making and policy development on strategic and economic issues.


Embedded Fitness

Embedded Fitness introduced an interactive fitness & gaming concept to motivate people to be more active.

The first so called E-fit zone started in Eindhoven in 2008 and is great, full of youngsters entertaining themselves with a good deal of exercise. The E-fitness concept is definitely a breakthrough in accepting E-sports and building an ambient (sports) environment.

It appeared that the concept is suitable for children with autism but also for people with physical limitations and elderly.

The interest for this concept is amazing. Now a health insurance company is participating.

Our focus is to roll out the concept to several locations in cooperation with organisations like schools, healthcare institutes and government.  



svikaworks offers advice, support and matchmaking for (non) profit in sport & international development.

Actitivities svikaworks' Inemarie Dekker performs are: matchmaking; tailored advice on income generation; extra hands when needed in project management, proposal writing and acquisition; and take on projects such as organisations of events and exhange programmes.

Inemarie has worked for 4 years as a coordinator Sport & Development for a youth sports organisation in Zimbabwe. Amongst which was an education for coaches, sport leagues in 15 sports, and specific sport activities on gender equality, hiv/aids information and social inclusion on disabled. I have organised 3 youth exhanges in Holland, Zimbabwe and Malawi for about 20 particpants each.




ABSRD Creative Teams

ABSRD is specialized in avatar (people) campaigns with and in social media, websites and offline.

Dressup tool providing a virtual persona to assist and promote you in all your online communication.

Show what your favorite brands are by virtual clothes, shoes, glasses, bags, softdrinks, hair, phones...




Sports and Technology

Sports and Technology is an non profit organisation founded in 2005 in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). As an intermidiate organisation Sports & Technology builds bridges between the worlds of sports, knowledge and business, with the aim to create ‘golden innovation triangles’.  Not only for better results in (top)sports and to stimulate people to play, to exercise or to play sports, but also to generate business.

Sports and Technology is located in Brainport Eindhoven Region, a breeding ground for innovation and the bome base for companies and world class knowledge making it the excellent basis for development of Sports and Technology!




AAA-LUX is a developing and manufacturing company for LED sport floodlighting solutions.

AAA-LUX systems are Easy to use, comfortable lighting, flexible, sustainable and above all much more energy efficient.
There are significant financial benefits in new build because of the lower power consumption of the LED fixtures.
User friendly operation with Lighting Control Management System is possible with for example a pushbutton box, touchscreen or mobile application. The LED fixtures are operated wirelessly.
AAA-LUX Dynamic LED sports floodlighting is suitable for outdoor and indoor sports, amongst others: tennis, hockey, soccer, athletics, rugby and multi-sports fields.



Let's innovate..!

Fris en bevlogen combineert WeDoWow creatieve input, multimediale technologie en strategisch advies om interactieve belevingen te creëren.

WeDoWow is een multi-disciplinair multimediaal projectbureau. Creatief en strategisch gebruik van nieuwe technologie is de gemene deler van onze diensten en producten.




Eindhoven / Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro football

Rio de Janeiro

Football & Travel


Marvin and Miles

Sport is emotion. Sport is real. Sport connects. Like no other Marvin & Miles knows how to use this connection for partnerships in sport

Sport is full of stories. Winning and loosing, drama and heroism. Marvin & Miles uses these stories to create real brand engagement.

Marvin & Miles not only conceives the proper strategy but also executes it. We ensure the seamless delivery of your brand experience!




4db Roadshows BV / Mobile facilities

4db Roadshows is Supplier of mobile facilities for promotions, exhibitions, sport and public events.




InnoSportNL is the binding factor between sport, science, and trade & industry. InnoSportNL initiates, facilitates and realizes the development of innovative products and services for Dutch sportsmen and women. These innovations enable sportspeople to achieve durable progress, advantages and victories, as well as stimulating sporting achievements that substantiate Olympic ambitions.
Sport has high social and economic value and possesses the unique capacity to unite people; sport fraternizes. It is our mission to bring together sport, science and the business community on the sports field, and to develop products and services that make the necessary difference. As the motor behind the proper structure for innovation, InnoSport helps sportspeople, entrepreneurs and academics to extend their boundaries. In conjunction, they contribute to improved participation in sport and a healthier lifestyle for all Dutch citizens. Thanks to sports participation and sports innovation, the Netherlands is becoming the most sport-oriented country in the world.  



United is a full service general and technical services company and offers technical and creative support for multimedia audio-visual productions centred around the customer.


United is a nationally and internationally operating service provider in the field of television and multimedia projects. We have state of the art facilities and service-minded specialists who give every task just that little extra.


Due to our combined experience, passion for our trade, and flexible availability we have developed into a natural partner for broadcasting companies, producers and businesses. We innovate together with our customers to keep our qualitative edge.


 Customer-oriented, passionate about our trade, flexibility and reliability.


Drenthe Runs

Sports - Health interventions and events included sponsorship marketing and brand activation within sports or events formats. 


Project Description Looppassie
Combined lifestyle intervention which is most effective to health and is the best way to improve exercise/sports interventions only. In summary it's an protocol for combine processes of several life style problems like non exercise activity, food and the mental stage of changes people are in. Most starting people are more interested in health than only exercise activity but many time interventions can't fullfill this needs.

Rijswijk is a global Ticketing Technology Solutions Provider with offices in the United States, Europe (NL/DE/UK) and Australia.

We believe not only in providing industry-leading technology, but also in enabling venues to capture, retrieve and own their customer data. This unrestricted access to sales information, coupled with the ability to sell tickets to consumers under their own brands, gives clients a 360 degree view of buying habits and preferences, which helps improve marketing strategies and build long-term relationships with their customers and fans.

Combining industry expertise with advanced ticketing technology, products have been featured in global, high demand events including the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup Soccer.

Sporters United

Sporters United is an exclusive online & offline platform for sporty singles. SportlinQ is the activity broker for high-end fitnessclubs.


Datawiresport is a full service sport IT agency, located in the Netherlands and is currently active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Japan, South Korea and Australia. The name already suggests what we do: we collect, process, and distribute sports data in any way possible.

We act as a partner for sports associations and create with them the business model from the base: the data. For our customers we develop specific IT solutions such as competition systems (for major planning issues), high traffic portals, Data Warehousing, SSO, CRM and other (mobile) applications.




ABN AMRO is een toonaangevende bank die financieel advies en maatwerkdienstverlening biedt aan Nederlandse bedrijven en hun activiteiten in het buitenland. Wij hebben een solide basis in Nederland, maar met onze kantoren en partners in het buitenland bedienen wij onze klanten wereldwijd.
Overal in de wereld zaken kunnen doen. Zonder grenzen en barrières. Dat is waar het bij internationaal zakendoen om draait.
Met meer dan 180 jaar ervaring weten wij als geen andere bank hoe wij voor onze klanten internationale deals soepel en snel tot een succes kunnen maken.

Online Golf Systems

 Online Golf Systems (OGS) is part of Online Sport Systems. We are specialized in software for golf courses, clubs, schools and business.

We developed an innovative portal for these parties to offer products (memberships, tee times, etc) to an international group of golfers.

The golfers are connected to the parties through communities. 


Grouve Sports Management Group


TRANSFER Latin Business Consultancy

Transfer Latin Business Consultancy supports companies to effectively enter the Spanish, French, Portuguese and Latin American markets through a successful matchmaking methodology and by providing all necessary local market information. TRANSFER focuses on supporting suplliers (in every thinkable field of interest) for the FIFA World Cup 2014 (Brazil), OS 2016 (Brazil) and UEFA EURO 2016 tournament (France).


40 Beats

WE ARE 40 BEATS. An agency specialized in sports, media & entertainment consultancy. For strategy, partnerships, content exploitation, new propositions and passion relationship marketing. We focus. We tackle. And we deliver. We deal from the heart. Always with your goal in mind.

Berkel en Rodenrijs

S&L Job Solutions

S&L Job Solutions is a recruiting company for the sports industry, specialised in sales, management and opertions positions. S&L Job Solutions is a partner for her clients in recruiting new employees.


MP Game Company

MP Game Company: Rentals & Sales of HQ Game, Simulation and Presentation Systems. 2D & 3D Multimedia Experiences, on screens from 32 to 320 inch.





The Bridge

Healthy organizations are always looking for new ways to gain competitive advantage or to create new markets. They are sensitive to new opportunities and developments which will contribute to strategic or financial improvement.

'More of the same' is no longer a guarantee for continued growth. The Bridge helps enterprises realize their growth goals through the development of new business models, products, services and markets

The Bridge business innovators is founded in 2000. The Bridge is a member of the Twynstra Gudde Group and partner in the Highland Worldwide network.


Holland Brazil


MATCH Sport Media Solutions BV

MATCH Sport Media Solutions takes care of the technical realization of your sport event, sport congress, teams presentation and/or other technical matters. We are passionate about sport, producing and working together with sport organizations.



TRIADA is an international company with Dutch and Turkish experts, located in Antalya, Turkey and specialised in: Project writing and management; transforming ideas to projects, researching financing opportunities and implementing projects/ (Company) matchmaking; finding the right (inter)national cooperation partners/ Training; individual or corporate trainings for capacity building such as project writing and management, communication and Internships and work mediation.

Our clients cover a wide range of European and Turkish organisations such as SMEs, umbrella organisations, governmental organisations, NGOs, municipalities, multinationals and education institutes.

Our team consists of experienced professionals fluent in English, Turkish, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Russian.
den haag

Sports Alliance Nederland bv


Sports Alliance is Europa’s eerste Supporter Marketing Dienstenaanbieder voor Sportclubs en Sportbonden.

Sports Alliance heeft een veelheid aan ervaring in Marketing & IT en verkoopt deze ervaring in de vorm van Marketingdiensten. Deze diensten zijn speciaal ontworpen voor alle partijen die willen uitblinken op het gebied van Club-Supporter relaties, zoals clubs en sportbonden.

De Sports Alliance Diensten maken het voor een Club Marketeer mogelijk om zich te concentreren op de hoofdzaken. Zonder na te hoeven denken over de kwaliteit van de klantendata, de juistheid van de analyse of de details van de campagne uitvoering.

Een goed voorbeeld hiervan is de, door ons ontwikkelde, Marketing Console. Met deze console krijgt, u via het internet, toegang tot al uw supporter data. U kunt rapportages opvragen, lijsten downloaden maar ook uw hele marketing calender vastleggen. Kijk op onze website


Sint-Oedenrode (Eindhoven region)


SportBizz is an international sports marketing agency headquartered in the Netherlands. Our company is everything but a traditional agency. Our team is tailored to localizing new opportunities for our clients. Acting as our client's business development officer or being part of new business ventures in sport are our main fields of interest.

In 2011 SportBizz has co-founded Orange Sports Forum who is one of the initiators of the Holland Sports & Industry co-operation.


3Dnity Holland

3Dnity Holland is supplier of a high quality HD 3D projection system.

The 3Dnity system enables watching 3D movies, 3D sports events and 3D presentations. Furthermore the 3Dnity sytems is capable of converting regular (2D) games to 3D in real time.  This means a 100% more intense game experience!

Our complete system includes:

  • big silver screen
  • dual projection unit
  • operating system
  • surround sound set

What is it that makes 3Dnity unique? We deliver a multi purpose and high quality projection system for a very low price.


FootGolf Holland

Are you representing a private company, sports or government organization and are you looking for state-of-the-art knowledge, products, services or projects in the field of sports, this is where you will find it!