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Sports Infrastructure & Urban Development

A&E Architecten

Can you imagine a more inspiring building than a stadium? They are impressive to look at, a proud landmark for every city! They are the start of urban development and business opportunities. They are exciting places for the people to meet and enjoy fantastic events.

Pleasure in designing and spatial planning inspires us. The premise for A&E Architecten is to respond effectively to the market with tailored designs. We monitor commercial, social, cultural and technological developments. Sustainability is one such current example. In all of this, interaction with the client is of essential importance when finding a good starting point for a design.

A&E Architecten is part of BAM Advies&Engineering, an engineering firm with a staff of over 110 representing various professional disciplines. This gives A&E Architecten access to several specific qualities. For instance, builders, sustainability engineers, installation technicians, cost experts and execution technology or plan development staff can work together ‘in-house’.

We work with passion and enthusiasm in architecture, with each new task leading to an inventive and creative design.


The Hague

Holland Brazil Business Consulting Group

The Holland Brazil Business Consulting Group assist and supports Dutch companies interested in doing business in or with Brazil. Developing foreign markets offers unlimited opportunities, but is also complicated, time consuming and costly. We can help you to increase your chances and manage your risks.



Schmitz Foam Products

It is impossible to build a modern and durable artificial turf construction without a shock pad. Due to its unique properties , ProPlay-Sport is the world's leading shock pad. 

ProPlay-Sport is produced by Schmitz Foam Products, an internationally renowned in the field of draining, shock absorbing and protection products. An innovative, pragmatic and service-oriented company of technological pioneers.

The Stadium Consultancy BV

The Stadium Consultancy (TSC) is an independent consultancy company offering a full range of services for the planning, development, operation and management of sports and entertainment venues, most notably stadiums and arenas.


Our mission statement is: "To assist our clients in creating sustainable stadiums by maximising operational income, whilst offering safe and compelling visitor experiences."


As your dedicated process managers and expert stadium consultants, TSC will guide you through the entire stadium development process, from initial feasibility study and concept design to launching operations and training of staff.


Our unique combination of expertise and experience in venue operations, programming and design, combined with our strong project management skills, distinguishes us from other consultants. Our internationally recognised team of stadium consultants and project managers have been involved in some of the world’s leading venue projects including stadiums for mega-events such as the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championships and the Olympic Games.



NEK Logistics bv


Royal Haskoning

Royal Haskoning is an international consultancy & engineering firm with over 50 offices on 6 continents.


Kaal Masten BV

Kaal Masten is committed to sustainable, safe and attractive public areas. We offer a complete range of quality (lighting) columns and can take care of the entire process from design through to installation. Inspections and testing of columns are also possible. Our mission is aimed to provide customers with high-quality masts and to help them at all times by providing services and custom solutions. 

Active in many areas, such as mobility, lighting, communication, sustainability and security, Kaal Masten are all-rounders! With over 125 specialists, Kaal Masten is able to carry out both domestic and international contracts.

Project and Development Services Pty Ltd


The Bridge

Healthy organizations are always looking for new ways to gain competitive advantage or to create new markets. They are sensitive to new opportunities and developments which will contribute to strategic or financial improvement.

'More of the same' is no longer a guarantee for continued growth. The Bridge helps enterprises realize their growth goals through the development of new business models, products, services and markets

The Bridge business innovators is founded in 2000. The Bridge is a member of the Twynstra Gudde Group and partner in the Highland Worldwide network.


Actiflow B.V.

We are a company specialised in combining aerodynamics and product design.


SABA Dinxperlo


High performance sealants in concrete constructions
Netherlands-based SABA Dinxperlo BV specialises in producing high performance elastic sealing materials for concrete constructions at for example stadiums, parking decks, industrial flooring, container terminals, airports, ports and (petro)chemical facilities. The products we supply are used for durable sealing, coating or membrane sealing on surfaces.
As time for maintenance has become more limited, the need for products with a longer service life has grown. SABA responds to this by offering products for sealing concrete constructions that have a significantly longer service life. 
Advantages of SABA-products
·         proven durability, some for over 20 years
·         resistant to UV and temperatures up to +100 °C
·         reduce mechanical damage and easy to repair
·         resistant to many chemicals
·         superior adhesion to steel and concrete

Sports Pitch Engineering

Sports Pitch Engineering (SPE) is a specialist in the design and project management of sports pitches. SPE operates in the global market and introduces a "no nonsense" approach to sports pitch design. Based on science, local conditions and the clients requirements we tailor each pitch construction to the needs of the client and the benefit of the end user. Rob de Heer manages SPE and provides knowledge and experience spanning many years in the natural grass industry around the world, and where he has developed a reputation for quality having been involved in the construction and management of numerous projects. He understands the need for professional standards required by the world's leading governing bodies like FIFA, IOC, UEFA and has equipped construction teams with cutting edge technology, training and equipment in order to fulfill such high standards.

København N

African Cultural Centre for Arts and Sports.( ACCAS)


Feyenoord Rotterdam

Feyenoord Rotterdam is one of the two biggest football clubs in the Netherlands. Feyenoord Academy is its youth development centre. The Feyenoord Academy approach ensures that home grown players are the foundation of the first team of Feyenoord and the Dutch national team.  Secret to the success is its unique vision with a focus on individual development. It manages to bridge the gap between youth football and the highest level. For that reason the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) has awarded Feyenoord for having the best youth system in the Netherlands for three years in a row now. As such, it is exemplary for clubs and federations across the world.

Feyenoord Rotterdam is also available for consultancy on football academy development, football academy design, safety & security, crowd control and event management.

Slangen+Koenis architects

Slangen+Koenis architects is a specialised architectural firm in the field of sports and swimming facilities. With a well developed background of designing for sport for 30+ years, the second generation is now on the path of international expansion. In every sports project, big or small, indoor or outdoor, we find a challenge to innovate and bring the buildings one step further. Innovation and sustainability are at the centre of our attention during our design process. Working with normal clients, for everyday budgets, we strive to get the most out of our designs! Slangen+Koenis is a full service architectural and engineering firm which takes responsibility for the design but also for structural and mechanical engineering and building physics.

De Meern

Edak B.V.

EDAK is a reliable and flexible supplier of alloy sliding roofs to business and private customers through their dealerships. We provide our customers with added value through advice, design, production, installation and maintenance. Within the field of sliding roofs EDAK is the founder of the electrical sliding roof system and has been developing sturdy sliding roof systems over the past 30 years.

Our mission is to provide robust and innovative solutions for an optimal climate control in which design is a key aspect. We achieve this by controlling the whole process of drafting, designing and the delivery by ourselves. In addition, we are constantly trying to optimize our products by following the latest trends and developments in the field.


Commercial Doctor Ltd

Commercial Doctor Ltd is a highly innovative consultancy and training company, specialising in providing commercial support services alongside major sports events.

If you are a Local Organising Committee, a Sports Governing Body, a City bidding to host a sports event, or a Contractor seeking to break into the sports market, we can help you deliver your objectives.

Our LinkedIn profile is at:



INCONTROL Simulation Solutions

INCONTROL Simulation Solutions is a worldwide provider of simulation software and solutions. Within the Sports Industry, INCONTROL offers Crowd Simulation, which is a proven tool for the analysis and optimization of crowd flows at large (sport) events and stadiums. Commisioned by architechts, governments, consultancies and event organizers, INCONTROL performs succesfull projects that eventually secure visitor safety at these events.

INCONTROL performed projects at the EURO2012 in Poland/Ukraine but is also involved in many other projects like the World Expo2012, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, National Center for Sports Spectator Safety and Security USA.



Let's innovate..!

Fris en bevlogen combineert WeDoWow creatieve input, multimediale technologie en strategisch advies om interactieve belevingen te creëren.

WeDoWow is een multi-disciplinair multimediaal projectbureau. Creatief en strategisch gebruik van nieuwe technologie is de gemene deler van onze diensten en producten.





TRANSFER Latin Business Consultancy

Transfer Latin Business Consultancy supports companies to effectively enter the Spanish, French, Portuguese and Latin American markets through a successful matchmaking methodology and by providing all necessary local market information. TRANSFER focuses on supporting suplliers (in every thinkable field of interest) for the FIFA World Cup 2014 (Brazil), OS 2016 (Brazil) and UEFA EURO 2016 tournament (France).


Zwarts & Jansma Architects

Zwarts & Jansma Architects is an internationally operating office specialized in designing small and large scale projects such as sports and leisure buildings and infrastructural projects.


Edel Grass B.V.

Edel Grass has over 30 years of experience in the market for artificial grass pitches and sports fields. As a seasoned player from the very outset, we provide the market with high quality systems for both sport and leisure purposes.
More information:

Holland Sport Systems B.V.

Holland Sport Systems produces and supplies interiors for sportsaccommodations. Mesh material lockers, seats, racking, etcetera. Over 350 clubs use our GS-Eurolockers: in soccer, hockey, golf, football and baseball.


Amphidion bv



AAA-LUX is a developing and manufacturing company for LED sport floodlighting solutions.

AAA-LUX systems are Easy to use, comfortable lighting, flexible, sustainable and above all much more energy efficient.
There are significant financial benefits in new build because of the lower power consumption of the LED fixtures.
User friendly operation with Lighting Control Management System is possible with for example a pushbutton box, touchscreen or mobile application. The LED fixtures are operated wirelessly.
AAA-LUX Dynamic LED sports floodlighting is suitable for outdoor and indoor sports, amongst others: tennis, hockey, soccer, athletics, rugby and multi-sports fields.



Sport2B is a sports economic consultancy firm.

We offer economic and policy advise to public and private organisations in the world of sports. Combining specific sports economic expertise, more than 15 years of experience in top quality policy advise and a thorough knowledge of the world of sports, we guide and support our clients in their decision making and policy development on strategic and economic issues.


Ballast Nedam

Established in 1877, Ballast Nedam has grown into one of the largest Dutch construction companies. Ballast Nedam is involved in the realization of civil, building and industrial works in the Netherlands and abroad. One of our landmark projects in the Middle East is the King Fahd Causeway between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Ballast Nedam was involved in the construction of stadiums in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany and Japan.


Hypercube Business Innovation

Hypercube is a consultancy firm for sports, public transport and cost-benefit analysis. We support our clients to innovate their business. We provide sound and solid forecasts of the impact of policy change, always based on facts and figures and state of the art econometric models.


Janssen-Fritsen "Top Equipment for Top Gymnasts"
Heemstede, Netherlands

SportSquare B.V.

  SportSquare’s mission is to enrich the club sport experience with innovative online services; through which clubs can engage, learn and share their passion for sports .. ”


Coresta Sports

Smart and affordable sportstadiums; Coresta Sports is on head in conceiving and realizing this. For existing and new sports facilities we develop realistic financial models and housing concepts. We also take care of the implementation and realization of those plans, if necessary and appropriate with project gaurantees and financing.


Based on our experience Coresta Sports has been selected in 2012 for the renovation of the prestigious Thialf Stadium in Heerenveen. In close cooperation with the main users we developed an forward-looking housing concept and established the functional en technical program requirements to strengthen the position of Thialf as the international symbol of speed skating.



ABN AMRO is een toonaangevende bank die financieel advies en maatwerkdienstverlening biedt aan Nederlandse bedrijven en hun activiteiten in het buitenland. Wij hebben een solide basis in Nederland, maar met onze kantoren en partners in het buitenland bedienen wij onze klanten wereldwijd.
Overal in de wereld zaken kunnen doen. Zonder grenzen en barrières. Dat is waar het bij internationaal zakendoen om draait.
Met meer dan 180 jaar ervaring weten wij als geen andere bank hoe wij voor onze klanten internationale deals soepel en snel tot een succes kunnen maken.

Twynstra Gudde

Twynstra Gudde is a leading independent firm of management consultants and managers, based in the Netherlands. We have been active in consultancy for more than forty years and have a proud track record of success. The firm currently comprises some 500 consultants and managers, all experts in their areas of specialisation. Since most of them are joint-owners, they are highly committed, and feel a strong sense of responsibility for the work they do.


Twynstra Gudde is also a member of Highland Worldwide, this alliance enables us to draw on the support and local knowledge of fellow members throughout Europe, USA, China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Brazil and United Arab Emirates.



Octatube designs, develops and constructs complex architectural structures, with an emphasis on advanced applications of glass and steel. For the Qatar market Octatube has entered the Q-advice "envolventes Qatar" group. With this group we can offer total design and build solutions for the building envelope.


MBI Beton BV

MBI De Steenmeesters
MBI is al 68 jaar een toonaangevend en innovatief producent van betonnen gevel-, straat- en tuinstenen.

For more than 68 years, MBI has been a leading and innovative manufacturer of concrete facade, street and garden stones.


GreenFields BV

GreenFields® is a committed organization with a long standing experience in the manufacturing, construction, installation and development of innovative synthetic turf systems. With a unique and complete in-house laboratory and strong exclusive partnerships GreenFields can offer complete synthetic turf systems for a variety of sports, making GreenFields innovative and unequalled within the sports industry.

The GreenFields dedicated team works to provide cost effective and quality products whilst also focusing on the research & development of new innovative surfaces for the international sports industry.
Through our internal test house facility we strive to develop products that match the stringent requirements of the sports governing bodies around the world. Safety standards continue to be at the forefront of  our product development, but we also take care to focus on the long term performance.

Are you representing a private company, sports or government organization and are you looking for state-of-the-art knowledge, products, services or projects in the field of sports, this is where you will find it!