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Sports Financial & Legal Services
Sports Financial & Legal Services
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Sports Financial & Legal Services


ABN AMRO is een toonaangevende bank die financieel advies en maatwerkdienstverlening biedt aan Nederlandse bedrijven en hun activiteiten in het buitenland. Wij hebben een solide basis in Nederland, maar met onze kantoren en partners in het buitenland bedienen wij onze klanten wereldwijd.
Overal in de wereld zaken kunnen doen. Zonder grenzen en barrières. Dat is waar het bij internationaal zakendoen om draait.
Met meer dan 180 jaar ervaring weten wij als geen andere bank hoe wij voor onze klanten internationale deals soepel en snel tot een succes kunnen maken.
The Hague

Holland Brazil Business Consulting Group

The Holland Brazil Business Consulting Group assist and supports Dutch companies interested in doing business in or with Brazil. Developing foreign markets offers unlimited opportunities, but is also complicated, time consuming and costly. We can help you to increase your chances and manage your risks.



Holland Brazil


Coresta Sports

Smart and affordable sportstadiums; Coresta Sports is on head in conceiving and realizing this. For existing and new sports facilities we develop realistic financial models and housing concepts. We also take care of the implementation and realization of those plans, if necessary and appropriate with project gaurantees and financing.


Based on our experience Coresta Sports has been selected in 2012 for the renovation of the prestigious Thialf Stadium in Heerenveen. In close cooperation with the main users we developed an forward-looking housing concept and established the functional en technical program requirements to strengthen the position of Thialf as the international symbol of speed skating.





Sport2B is a sports economic consultancy firm.

We offer economic and policy advise to public and private organisations in the world of sports. Combining specific sports economic expertise, more than 15 years of experience in top quality policy advise and a thorough knowledge of the world of sports, we guide and support our clients in their decision making and policy development on strategic and economic issues.


Commercial Doctor Ltd

Commercial Doctor Ltd is a highly innovative consultancy and training company, specialising in providing commercial support services alongside major sports events.

If you are a Local Organising Committee, a Sports Governing Body, a City bidding to host a sports event, or a Contractor seeking to break into the sports market, we can help you deliver your objectives.

Our LinkedIn profile is at:



Everaert Immigration Lawyers

Be it for a short term work permit, permanent residence or the Dutch nationality, we offer our clients tailored migration solutions. Among our clients are international sports professionals, knowledge migrants and multinational companies with an international staff. Everaert Immigration lawyers is recognised nationally and internationally as one of the few leading firms in migration law in the Netherlands. We take care of the paper work so the client can concentrate on his performance.

Crown Licensing Holding B.V.

About Crown

Crown Licensing is your dedicated partner, who provides the best business instruments for marketing your product, trademark or IP and receiving royalties that will build your wealth! We would like to give the example of someone who has signed a contract for trademarks or intellectual property (IP) like  the professional athlete who wears the logo of a sponsor on their clothing. An  athlete does not usually want to be involved with the commercial side of this revenue source.

Are you representing a private company, sports or government organization and are you looking for state-of-the-art knowledge, products, services or projects in the field of sports, this is where you will find it!