Sports Equipment, Apparal & Nutrition
Sports Equipment, Apparal & Nutrition
Sports Equipment, Apparal & Nutrition
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Sports Equipment, Apparel & Nutrition

IcySolutions BV

 IcySolutions is specialized in cold therapy (ice baths) for professional athletes. We offer mobile ice bath therapy products that ensure accurate temperature, convenient, and safe ice baths for the professionals. 



AAA-LUX is a developing and manufacturing company for LED sport floodlighting solutions.

AAA-LUX systems are Easy to use, comfortable lighting, flexible, sustainable and above all much more energy efficient.
There are significant financial benefits in new build because of the lower power consumption of the LED fixtures.
User friendly operation with Lighting Control Management System is possible with for example a pushbutton box, touchscreen or mobile application. The LED fixtures are operated wirelessly.
AAA-LUX Dynamic LED sports floodlighting is suitable for outdoor and indoor sports, amongst others: tennis, hockey, soccer, athletics, rugby and multi-sports fields.


Embedded Fitness

Embedded Fitness introduced an interactive fitness & gaming concept to motivate people to be more active.

The first so called E-fit zone started in Eindhoven in 2008 and is great, full of youngsters entertaining themselves with a good deal of exercise. The E-fitness concept is definitely a breakthrough in accepting E-sports and building an ambient (sports) environment.

It appeared that the concept is suitable for children with autism but also for people with physical limitations and elderly.

The interest for this concept is amazing. Now a health insurance company is participating.

Our focus is to roll out the concept to several locations in cooperation with organisations like schools, healthcare institutes and government.  




InnoSportNL is the binding factor between sport, science, and trade & industry. InnoSportNL initiates, facilitates and realizes the development of innovative products and services for Dutch sportsmen and women. These innovations enable sportspeople to achieve durable progress, advantages and victories, as well as stimulating sporting achievements that substantiate Olympic ambitions.
Sport has high social and economic value and possesses the unique capacity to unite people; sport fraternizes. It is our mission to bring together sport, science and the business community on the sports field, and to develop products and services that make the necessary difference. As the motor behind the proper structure for innovation, InnoSport helps sportspeople, entrepreneurs and academics to extend their boundaries. In conjunction, they contribute to improved participation in sport and a healthier lifestyle for all Dutch citizens. Thanks to sports participation and sports innovation, the Netherlands is becoming the most sport-oriented country in the world.  


Janssen-Fritsen "Top Equipment for Top Gymnasts"


Sportivation; Motivate to innovate, provides freelance services for innovation management in the areas of sports, exercise and health.


Schmitz Foam Products

It is impossible to build a modern and durable artificial turf construction without a shock pad. Due to its unique properties , ProPlay-Sport is the world's leading shock pad. 

ProPlay-Sport is produced by Schmitz Foam Products, an internationally renowned in the field of draining, shock absorbing and protection products. An innovative, pragmatic and service-oriented company of technological pioneers.

KIIP Körössy Import Innovative Products



Eccotemp tankless water heaters are the most practical and affordable water heaters on the market today. With a properly sized Eccotemp tankless water heater, you will never run out of hot water and significantly reduce your energy consumption. Eccotemp tankless water heaters are the future of efficiency. By combining state of the art technology with affordable products you will see why Eccotemp is becoming more prevalent is today’s households. With your Eccotemp tankless water heater, you will continue to save money each and every month. Eccotemp's area of expertise is Portable Tankless Water Heaters, Household Tankless Water Heaters and Commercial Heat Pump Water heaters.


Eccotemp is committed to technological advances in how we consume and conserve energy. We strive to educate consumers and tradesman on the cost saving benefits of energy conservation. Our products are just the beginning when it comes to how Eccotemp sees its self in leading the future and standards for today’s tankless water heater applications. Contact Us today for further information.



Wij zijn vanaf 2010 officieel Importeur van Eccotemp Systems LLC USA en Cointra Godesia SA, Spanje.

KIIP is gespecialiseerd in de import van verwarmings en warmwater producten voor vele doeleinden. De Eccotemp L5 en L10 worden veel gebruikt in de paardensport. We verkopen de producten inmiddels aan 7 verschillende landen in Europa. De kracht van ons bedrijf schuilt in de zeer goede service, voorraad en enthousiasme. Onze groothandel biedt u de mogelijkheid om de producten rechtstreeks van de fabriek bij u in de winkel te krijgen. Particulieren kunnen via onze webshop inloggen. Wij zij continu bezig met het uitbreiden van ons assortiment. Distributie verloopt via onze partners in Duitsland, Nederland, Denemarken en Zwitserland. Bezoek ook eens onze duitse website:




TRANSFER Latin Business Consultancy

Transfer Latin Business Consultancy supports companies to effectively enter the Spanish, French, Portuguese and Latin American markets through a successful matchmaking methodology and by providing all necessary local market information. TRANSFER focuses on supporting suplliers (in every thinkable field of interest) for the FIFA World Cup 2014 (Brazil), OS 2016 (Brazil) and UEFA EURO 2016 tournament (France).

sao paulo

Eurobrasil Ltda.

's - Hertogenbosch

Swedice BV


Descol sports surfaces

Athletes want to win, just like Descol. That is why Descol develops, produces and installs indoor and outdoor sports floors that outperform all other floors by far. The name ? Pulastic®. An extraordinary range of sports floors, favored by athletes around the world. And rightly so. With Pulastic, market leader Descol repeatedly provides the basis for top performance, and has been doing so since 1965.

Descol, the basis for top performance!

Volans Rowing

Volans Rowing has developed the Volans2; a new, innovative rowing boat that gives the opportunity to combine exercise with fun in the open air.

The Volans2 is a slim and slender skiff, not much larger than a kayak, equipped with a sliding rigger. This new boat is fast, light and compact, and can be transported on the roof of a car. Due to its stability on the water, rowing with the Volans2 is easy to learn. The unique hull shape and construction in combination with the sliding rigger enables extra speed, in spite of the relatively short length of the boat.

Rowing where and whenever you like. The Volans2 brings ‘The New Rowing Experience’ within reach for a large group of people. This innovation matches the goals to make the rowing sport more accessible, thus linking into the plans and activities of the clubs, the Royal Dutch Rowing Federation and the International Rowing Federation.



GreenFields BV

GreenFields® is a committed organization with a long standing experience in the manufacturing, construction, installation and development of innovative synthetic turf systems. With a unique and complete in-house laboratory and strong exclusive partnerships GreenFields can offer complete synthetic turf systems for a variety of sports, making GreenFields innovative and unequalled within the sports industry.

The GreenFields dedicated team works to provide cost effective and quality products whilst also focusing on the research & development of new innovative surfaces for the international sports industry.
Through our internal test house facility we strive to develop products that match the stringent requirements of the sports governing bodies around the world. Safety standards continue to be at the forefront of  our product development, but we also take care to focus on the long term performance.

Sports and Technology

Sports and Technology is an non profit organisation founded in 2005 in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). As an intermidiate organisation Sports & Technology builds bridges between the worlds of sports, knowledge and business, with the aim to create ‘golden innovation triangles’.  Not only for better results in (top)sports and to stimulate people to play, to exercise or to play sports, but also to generate business.

Sports and Technology is located in Brainport Eindhoven Region, a breeding ground for innovation and the bome base for companies and world class knowledge making it the excellent basis for development of Sports and Technology!


Den Dolder



designgoed is a product development company focusing on sports innovation. designgoed is owned by Erik Driessen and working independently for other companies, managing the product innovation processes.



Avyna - In- and Outdoor Products

Avyna is the producer of high quality play products where safety and durability has the highest priority. We are a company that is operating at the upper level of the market and are in the outdoor business for more than 15 years. During these years we gained the necessary experience in designing and producing different kind of high quality trampolines, inflatables, football goals and many other products. We have our own factories in Taiwan and Vietnam and our sales office, showroom and European warehouse is located in the Netherlands (Europe). Products of Avyna are supplied worldwide. (

The Hague

Holland Brazil Business Consulting Group

The Holland Brazil Business Consulting Group assist and supports Dutch companies interested in doing business in or with Brazil. Developing foreign markets offers unlimited opportunities, but is also complicated, time consuming and costly. We can help you to increase your chances and manage your risks.



Sidijk BV

Sidijk is specialized in the production of air- and foamfilled products for the sports industry, such as: speedskating, shorttrack, gymnastics, motorsports, baseball, icehockey, athletics, soccer, volleyball etc.


Linssen joins Hamelink

Today self-congruity is a very important factor for most consumers. Because of that we show and sell on sport-events sport products. We are totally commited to the enjoyment and passion that cycling brings.


MP Game Company

MP Game Company: Rentals & Sales of HQ Game, Simulation and Presentation Systems. 2D & 3D Multimedia Experiences, on screens from 32 to 320 inch.




Inmotio Object Tracking BV

Inmotio Object Tracking BV specialises in the development and marketing of systems for monitoring objects in general and athletes in particular.

Berkel en Rodenrijs

S&L Job Solutions

S&L Job Solutions is a recruiting company for the sports industry, specialised in sales, management and opertions positions. S&L Job Solutions is a partner for her clients in recruiting new employees.


Actiflow B.V.

We are a company specialised in combining aerodynamics and product design.


Schmitz Foam Products

It is impossible to build a modern and durable artificial turf construction without a shock pad. Due to its unique properties , ProPlay-Sport is the world's leading shock pad. 

ProPlay-Sport is produced by Schmitz Foam Products, an internationally renowned in the field of draining, shock absorbing and protection products. An innovative, pragmatic and service-oriented company of technological pioneers.

Holland Sport Systems B.V.

Holland Sport Systems produces and supplies interiors for sportsaccommodations. Mesh material lockers, seats, racking, etcetera. Over 350 clubs use our GS-Eurolockers: in soccer, hockey, golf, football and baseball.

Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel

Certus Management


creazi sportivo


design and development of original sporting goods (with wheels)



ABN AMRO is een toonaangevende bank die financieel advies en maatwerkdienstverlening biedt aan Nederlandse bedrijven en hun activiteiten in het buitenland. Wij hebben een solide basis in Nederland, maar met onze kantoren en partners in het buitenland bedienen wij onze klanten wereldwijd.
Overal in de wereld zaken kunnen doen. Zonder grenzen en barrières. Dat is waar het bij internationaal zakendoen om draait.
Met meer dan 180 jaar ervaring weten wij als geen andere bank hoe wij voor onze klanten internationale deals soepel en snel tot een succes kunnen maken.

Ice-World International

Ice-World International - famed among other things for the largest ice rink in the world, FlevOnice at Biddinghuizen in the Netherlands, rents out around 600 portable ice rinks every year via its network of dealers in some 23 countries.

Market players consider Ice-World International to be an authority in the field of an optimal ice experience. Ice-World is innovative and distinguishes itself in know-how, effectiveness and quality – from idea to operation.


Commercial Doctor Ltd

Commercial Doctor Ltd is a highly innovative consultancy and training company, specialising in providing commercial support services alongside major sports events.

If you are a Local Organising Committee, a Sports Governing Body, a City bidding to host a sports event, or a Contractor seeking to break into the sports market, we can help you deliver your objectives.

Our LinkedIn profile is at:



Indu-Con BV

Indu-Con BV is an innovative industrial sailmaker. We have access to various modern means of production, such as a computerized cutting machine and two high frequency welding machines. Our greatest power within the company is our capability to provide customized solutions. Nothing is impossible!

Producer of air and foamfilled safety products for Ice Skating, Shorttrack, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Free Running and Gymnastics.
Be surprised by the variety of possibilities and ask our qualified staff for advice!


Edel Grass B.V.

Edel Grass has over 30 years of experience in the market for artificial grass pitches and sports fields. As a seasoned player from the very outset, we provide the market with high quality systems for both sport and leisure purposes.
More information:

Merford Noise Control bv

Merford Noise Control bv is market leader in the Benelux in the field of noise reduction. Room-acoustics in sportshalls, offices, noise insulation  in industry and special acoustic doors for theatres, cinemas and multy-functional rooms are our specialty.

Are you representing a private company, sports or government organization and are you looking for state-of-the-art knowledge, products, services or projects in the field of sports, this is where you will find it!