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Sports Science & Education

Hypercube Business Innovation

Hypercube is a consultancy firm for sports, public transport and cost-benefit analysis. We support our clients to innovate their business. We provide sound and solid forecasts of the impact of policy change, always based on facts and figures and state of the art econometric models.

Wagner Group | boardroom consulting & executive education

Wagner Group | Sport Management

Executive MBA Sport Management
The Sport Community & Business School

The Approach: just as dynamic as sport themselves

The Executive MBA (EMBA) Sport Management degree offered by the Sport Management Institute (SMI) is a dynamic, innovative educational programme that targets professionals who are interested iin further honing their management skills and/or sharpening their expertise in running sports organisations.

There are several learning pathways at the core of the programme, namely the acknowledgement and recognition of personal professional involvement and development, the need for knowledge creation and sharing, and the developments in the sports industry. The objective of all of this is to facilitate students' efforts to make a contribution to their own organisation's developments and sports in general.

Sint-Oedenrode (Eindhoven region)


SportBizz is an international sports marketing agency headquartered in the Netherlands. Our company is everything but a traditional agency. Our team is tailored to localizing new opportunities for our clients. Acting as our client's business development officer or being part of new business ventures in sport are our main fields of interest.

In 2011 SportBizz has co-founded Orange Sports Forum who is one of the initiators of the Holland Sports & Industry co-operation.


Drenthe Runs

Sports - Health interventions and events included sponsorship marketing and brand activation within sports or events formats. 


Project Description Looppassie
Combined lifestyle intervention which is most effective to health and is the best way to improve exercise/sports interventions only. In summary it's an protocol for combine processes of several life style problems like non exercise activity, food and the mental stage of changes people are in. Most starting people are more interested in health than only exercise activity but many time interventions can't fullfill this needs.


Commercial Doctor Ltd

Commercial Doctor Ltd is a highly innovative consultancy and training company, specialising in providing commercial support services alongside major sports events.

If you are a Local Organising Committee, a Sports Governing Body, a City bidding to host a sports event, or a Contractor seeking to break into the sports market, we can help you deliver your objectives.

Our LinkedIn profile is at:




Janssen-Fritsen "Top Equipment for Top Gymnasts"
Den Dolder



designgoed is a product development company focusing on sports innovation. designgoed is owned by Erik Driessen and working independently for other companies, managing the product innovation processes.



IcySolutions BV

 IcySolutions is specialized in cold therapy (ice baths) for professional athletes. We offer mobile ice bath therapy products that ensure accurate temperature, convenient, and safe ice baths for the professionals. 


Actiflow B.V.

We are a company specialised in combining aerodynamics and product design.



Sport2B is a sports economic consultancy firm.

We offer economic and policy advise to public and private organisations in the world of sports. Combining specific sports economic expertise, more than 15 years of experience in top quality policy advise and a thorough knowledge of the world of sports, we guide and support our clients in their decision making and policy development on strategic and economic issues.



Let's innovate..!

Fris en bevlogen combineert WeDoWow creatieve input, multimediale technologie en strategisch advies om interactieve belevingen te creëren.

WeDoWow is een multi-disciplinair multimediaal projectbureau. Creatief en strategisch gebruik van nieuwe technologie is de gemene deler van onze diensten en producten.






TRIADA is an international company with Dutch and Turkish experts, located in Antalya, Turkey and specialised in: Project writing and management; transforming ideas to projects, researching financing opportunities and implementing projects/ (Company) matchmaking; finding the right (inter)national cooperation partners/ Training; individual or corporate trainings for capacity building such as project writing and management, communication and Internships and work mediation.

Our clients cover a wide range of European and Turkish organisations such as SMEs, umbrella organisations, governmental organisations, NGOs, municipalities, multinationals and education institutes.

Our team consists of experienced professionals fluent in English, Turkish, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Russian.

DRK Interim Management & Consultancy

DRK MANAGEMENT & CONSULTANCY has life-long experience in sports management and consultancy.



Feyenoord Rotterdam

Feyenoord Rotterdam is one of the two biggest football clubs in the Netherlands. Feyenoord Academy is its youth development centre. The Feyenoord Academy approach ensures that home grown players are the foundation of the first team of Feyenoord and the Dutch national team.  Secret to the success is its unique vision with a focus on individual development. It manages to bridge the gap between youth football and the highest level. For that reason the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) has awarded Feyenoord for having the best youth system in the Netherlands for three years in a row now. As such, it is exemplary for clubs and federations across the world.

Feyenoord Rotterdam is also available for consultancy on football academy development, football academy design, safety & security, crowd control and event management.

Embedded Fitness

Embedded Fitness introduced an interactive fitness & gaming concept to motivate people to be more active.

The first so called E-fit zone started in Eindhoven in 2008 and is great, full of youngsters entertaining themselves with a good deal of exercise. The E-fitness concept is definitely a breakthrough in accepting E-sports and building an ambient (sports) environment.

It appeared that the concept is suitable for children with autism but also for people with physical limitations and elderly.

The interest for this concept is amazing. Now a health insurance company is participating.

Our focus is to roll out the concept to several locations in cooperation with organisations like schools, healthcare institutes and government.  


Sidijk BV

Sidijk is specialized in the production of air- and foamfilled products for the sports industry, such as: speedskating, shorttrack, gymnastics, motorsports, baseball, icehockey, athletics, soccer, volleyball etc.




InnoSportNL is the binding factor between sport, science, and trade & industry. InnoSportNL initiates, facilitates and realizes the development of innovative products and services for Dutch sportsmen and women. These innovations enable sportspeople to achieve durable progress, advantages and victories, as well as stimulating sporting achievements that substantiate Olympic ambitions.
Sport has high social and economic value and possesses the unique capacity to unite people; sport fraternizes. It is our mission to bring together sport, science and the business community on the sports field, and to develop products and services that make the necessary difference. As the motor behind the proper structure for innovation, InnoSport helps sportspeople, entrepreneurs and academics to extend their boundaries. In conjunction, they contribute to improved participation in sport and a healthier lifestyle for all Dutch citizens. Thanks to sports participation and sports innovation, the Netherlands is becoming the most sport-oriented country in the world.  

Coaches Betaald Voetbal

Coaches  Betaald Voetbal


Zuyd Hogeschool, opleiding Biometrie


Sports and Technology

Sports and Technology is an non profit organisation founded in 2005 in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). As an intermidiate organisation Sports & Technology builds bridges between the worlds of sports, knowledge and business, with the aim to create ‘golden innovation triangles’.  Not only for better results in (top)sports and to stimulate people to play, to exercise or to play sports, but also to generate business.

Sports and Technology is located in Brainport Eindhoven Region, a breeding ground for innovation and the bome base for companies and world class knowledge making it the excellent basis for development of Sports and Technology!


The Hague

Holland Brazil Business Consulting Group

The Holland Brazil Business Consulting Group assist and supports Dutch companies interested in doing business in or with Brazil. Developing foreign markets offers unlimited opportunities, but is also complicated, time consuming and costly. We can help you to increase your chances and manage your risks.


Are you representing a private company, sports or government organization and are you looking for state-of-the-art knowledge, products, services or projects in the field of sports, this is where you will find it!